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MQ Art Box

MQ Art Box

The MQ ART BOX in the main courtyard of the MuseumsQuartier Wien shows changing installations by contemporary artists. The transparent art space interacts with the public space and reflects the diversity of the MQ area.
With a focus on young Austrian art, the exhibition programme under the artistic direction of Elisabeth Hajek offers insights into contemporary artistic practices and fields of discourse.


Sarah Bogner


06.07. thru 06.09., free admission
daily 00:00-24:00h at the MQ Main Courtyard

Artistic Director: Elisabeth Hajek

© Alexander Eugen Koller

© Alexander Eugen Koller

© Alexander Eugen Koller

© Alexander Eugen Koller

© Alexander Eugen Koller

Sarah Bogner has created two paintings especially and accurately tailored for the MQ Art Box. Playfully rotated, the huge “Parade I” and “Parade II,” measuring each 90.5 × 236.2 inches, break free from any plain frontal view, while the sceneries are kept in a proper limbo. It remains uncertain whether we are seeing landscapes, peering into caves or looking at the backdrops of a stage.
The painterly performance is certainly theatrical. With great sentiment, in swaying arcs as well as abrupt leaps Bogner puts everything onto the canvas. The up and down, to and against, faltering, swirling and flowing she places in an intricate equilibrium. All is encapsulated and densely interwoven by this ornamental pictorial rhythm. (Whereas the perspectives and viewpoints multiply tremendously.)
Bogner’s colors are delicate. At times statuesque in gray grisaille, at times transparent in cheeky pink and lemon yellow, at times revelling in brown and gold hues. The two paintings appear like complementary friezes. A bright one, a dark one. A light one, a grave one. A brisk one, a gentle one. Opposites like day and night. In this, she achieves an immediacy of expression that shuns neither seriousness nor wit. As the images are indeed funny.
And that’s due to Bogner’s protagonists. Which are, as Maya Oehlen correctly put it, “no Lippizzans,” but horses nonetheless. With a wink, they step up, stride out, romp around carefree. Accompanied only by some ‘friends’ who grow about like extra extremities or peek onto the scene from the sides.
The absurd atmospheric change between monumental grandezza and graceful intimacy is as beguiling as flowing Botticelli hair or the radiant splendor of the joyous dance of bodies, colors, and planes Sarah Bogner unfolds just as lightly as Matisse in his second “Dance” (1932) from the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.
Christian Malycha (translated by Alexander Serner)

Sarah Bogner works as a painter and publisher in Vienna. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich and studied Electroacoustic Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. Together with Josef Zekoff she established Harpune publishing in 2010, which is the home of Moby Dick Filet and many groundbreaking Artist Books.
Her joyous horses are foolish centaurs and friendly mares of the Medusa. They wear hats and baseball caps, have multiple necks and anthropomorphic visages. They are at home in the caves of Lascaux, on the tableaus of the Re-naissance and in the salons of Classical Modernism. Surrounded by Emperor Charles VI’s marstall, we see them in a monumental dance, a Parade of bodies, figures and colors on two new paintings, measuring 2.3 × 6 meters each.

Curated by Josephine Wagner,  Raum mit Licht

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