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MQ Art Box

MQ Art Box

The MQ ART BOX in the main courtyard of the MuseumsQuartier Wien shows changing installations by contemporary artists. The transparent art space interacts with the public space and reflects the diversity of the MQ area.
With a focus on young Austrian art, the exhibition programme under the artistic direction of Elisabeth Hajek offers insights into contemporary artistic practices and fields of discourse.

Opening hours: Mon thru Sun: 00:00–24:00


Philipp Timischl

Jan 8 thru March 5
daily 00:00-24:00h at the MQ Main Courtyard

Artistic Director: Elisabeth Hajek

It begins like a joke. An abstract and a site-specific painting walk outside a museum is the title of Philipp Timischl’s installation, specifically con­ceived for the MQ Art Box.
The artist shows two paintings he turned into sculptures by extending them with stage scaf­folding and adding LED panels. On the screens we follow a conversation between the two artworks. However, there is no clear punchline emerging from this conversation. In a never-ending loop the two protagonists chat about ideas, opinions and their feelings. The conversation is interrupted only every now and then for a brief moment to discuss an important topic: Could taking a selfie in front of the museum be considered tacky?

Site-specific painting:  »I have to say: You inspire me.«
Abstract painting:  »Really? I don’t do much.«
Site-specific painting: »Exactly.«

Philipp Timischl's (*1989 Graz, living in Paris) expansive multimedia installa­tions combine found and self-produced materials to build narrative structures, balancing between documentation and fiction, between the private and public spheres. Dominant themes in his art include the lasting influence of our roots, exclusion, and queerness in relation to social classes as well as the power dynamics between art, artist, and audience.
He recently had solo exhibitions at: Secession, Vienna; Fondation Fiminco, Paris; Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg; Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna and Rome; Vilma Gold, London; Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt and Künstlerhaus Graz.

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