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MQ Art Box

MQ Art Box

The MQ ART BOX in the Main Courtyard of MuseumsQuartier Wien is freely accessible every day around the clock, exhibiting temporary installations by contemporary artist.
The transparent art space interacts with the pubic space and the various micro museums in the baroque passages. With its focus on new Austrian art, the MQ ART BOX complements the programmes of the museums and cultural institutions at MuseumsQuartier.

Opening hours: Mon thru Sun: 00:00–24:00

Cäcilia Clara Sarah Karolina Alexandra Veronika Elijas Vincent Thea Johanna Beate Brown:
September 10 thru November 5
daily 00:00-24:00h at the MQ Main Courtyard

Project coordination: Elisabeth Hajek & Klaus Krobath

The work entitled Im Vestibülchen (»in the little vestibule«) is based on reflections on glass rooms and transparency. Following a series of exhibitions by the artist group in the EXPORT CUBE in April 2021, the foyer is now treated as a concentrated semi-public space, thus forming a link to the original function of the MQ Art Box as a walk-in advertising space for a banking institute.
Transparency itself imitates the brittleness of the working material glass. For dreamers of nooks, corners and holes, it is quite horrific. Transparent corners hardly offer any protection. But discretion is important to us in order to flee representative space in our wilful hours and to allow what has not yet ripened to grow there in light concealment. Twining vines romance creates a climate of well-being in the lobby, at the desk, the bank foyer or the office.
Sitting on sofas, waiting. Being received. Good morning. Please fill this in. We wanted to put a chewing gum machine in the foyer. But chewing gum was not allowed. Every day, Brown stuck one or two pieces of gum between the slatted curtains of the office windows. Over the course of 20 years (1 piece of gum = 1.5 g, approx. 250 workdays per year) the curtains gained at least nine kilograms in weight.

With works by Clara Boesl, Sarah Katharina Eder, Veronika Harb, Karolina Jirickova, Alexandra Kahl, Johanna Liska, Beate Ronacher, Elijas Wallner & Vincent Caspar Böhm and work by Cäcilia Brown and Thea Moeller.
Cäcilia Clara Sarah Karolina Alexandra Veronika Elijas Vincent Thea Johanna Beate Brown has been studying and working for some time in the Department of Sculpture - Transmedial Space at the University of Art in Linz / AT

Exhibitions (selection)
2021 Exhibition series, KUBUS EXPORT, Vienna | 2020 PARADIZER, Parallel, Vienna | THE MAYBE DATE, Austrian Sculpture Park Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz | 2019 TRIPLE BLT, Ig bildende Kunst, Vienna | 2018 I don‘t feel personally Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz | 2017 One Two More One Work Gallery, Vienna

Image: © Alexandra Kahl

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