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MQ goes Green


With the slogan 'MQ goes green', MQ is driving forward its vision as an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious institution, with the aim not just of imparting knowledge on the topic of sustainability and stimulating discourse, but also of actively inspiring creativity and acting as a role model. The focus will be on ecological themes and increasing the use of public space.

Through sustainable measures, MuseumsQuartier endeavours to make an important contribution to the transformation of society, with the goal of becoming a climate-neutral cultural district by 2030. Key initiatives are environmentally themed artistic projects, the greening of the area, and resource-efficient operations.

In the long term, the entire MuseumsQuartier will move towards renewable energies, greater biodiversity, more trees, and more green throughout the complex!

Project start summer 2023
MQ in morphosis
Invitational competition for the greening of the outdoor areas

Devising solutions for the creation of additional green space in MQ's outdoor areas was the aim of a competition for landscape planners and architects in spring 2023. The jury of experts chose the design "MQ in morphosis" by Anna Detzlhofer (D/D Landschaftsplanung) which envisages a separate greening theme for each of the courtyards and the forecourt of MuseumsQuartier. Special attention has been paid to the climate, heat, and winter resilience of plant species, and to maintaining the design's appearance throughout the entire year. Perennial and grass varieties are used, as well as climate-resilient trees.
The designs will be implemented over a period of three years, with the plants adapting to the city climate and developing further so that the greening becomes steadily denser. Initial greening measures will be visible in the summer.

In the MQ Main Courtyard, trees such as silk acacia and zelkova, as well as plants such as willow-leaved sunflower, dewdrop grass, torch lily and montbretia will create a 'Mediterranean Flair'. In the Fürstenhof, large-leaved shrubs such as pawpaw, hop poles with overhangs, large-leaved funkia and ornamental grasses will give a 'jungle feeling', so that children can experience nature in the middle of the city. 'Pink Cloud' is the theme of the Staatsratshof near Architekturzentrum Wien. It will feature forest pines and grasses such as pampas grass or cushion bush, as well as evergreen spurge and palm lilies. On the MQ Forecourt will stand a 'Parliament of Climate Trees'  – a selection of ten climate trees with information panels - as a plea for an awakening and the necessary changes in the design and planning of urban spaces.

Phase 1:
Temporary greening of the Main Courtyard and Forecourt

Phase One of a three-year project that will extend to the other courtyards hast started. The first delivery of trees and plants arrived in mid-July. All plants and vegetation have been carefully selected and are currently in the 'acclimatisation phase'. During this period, they should become accustomed to the climate and environment, and, most importantly, develop and strengthen their root systems. A well-developed root system and high density of fine roots are the basis for the growth and health of the plants, and a prerequisite for optimal future planting. This is aided using special containers and root ball structures. The shrubs are in their juvenile stage and will develop into ever larger and more luxuriant plants over the years.

Once the temporary phase has ended, the goal is to transplant all plants permanently in the course of further construction measures, which include the unsealing of paved surfaces and integration of an optimised water supply.
The goal is also to create a shadier, cooler, greener site where people and plants feel at home.

plant list

bis 27.10.2024:
The Fountain of Exhaustion
Pavlo Makov

Visitors to MuseumsQuartier can now view Ukraine's contribution to the 59th Venice Biennale 2022. Created by the artist Pavlo Makov in the 1990s, the work is a social statement on the sharing and distribution of resources.

© eSeL – Lorenz Seidler

from 25.05. in the MQ Main Courtyard:
Judith Fegerl

In her artistic work, Judith Fegerl deals with the visualization of energy. For the MQ she has designed a sculpture made of photovoltaic modules, steel, light bodies and electronic components. During the day, "converter" converts solar energy into electrical energy and feeds it into the power grid. At night, the sculpture becomes a consumer of the fed-in solar energy and emits intense light in violet color.

© Alexander Eugen Koller

since April 2023 on the MQ Forecourt:
Anita Fuchs

MQ Creative Experimental Lawn: The artist Anita Fuchs, known for her process-oriented approach to natural space, is researching and developing a 250 m² green space on the MuseumsQuartier Forecourt over an initial period of two years.

since spring 2023
Honey bees in the MuseumsQuartier

In a protected and quiet part of the cultural district, the MuseumsQuartier has housed four beehives with 240,000 honeybees. In connection with the sustainable philosophy of the MuseumsQuartier, this is intended to contribute to the protection of bees. Bees are an irreplaceable component of our ecosystems: Their pollination services are of fundamental importance for biodiversity and its continued existence.

© - Lorenz Seidler


LandRush. Ventures into Global Agriculture

23.02. to 07.05. l MQ Freiraum l Free admission

In an expansive multi-channel installation, LandRush showcases the video works of the duo Frauke Huber and Uwe H. Martin, which they have produced in different regions of the world since 2007. The exhibition offers a wide-ranging view of various aspects of global agriculture. Over the past 16 years, the two artists have worked with farmers, fishermen, scientists, indigenous peoples, and activists to explore issues such as seed, water and land rights, environmental justice, climate change, and the future of agriculture.


23.02. to 07.05. l MQ Salon l Free admission

With numerous different sculptures, photographs, printed textiles, drawings and sound elements, Karina Mendreczky and Katalin Kortmann Járay draw on animistic motifs and imaginary worlds in their delicately composed installation 'Oasis'. Alongside set pieces from nature, hybrid creatures populate the exhibition, forming a mystical, fairy-tale-like arrangement in which ideas and conceptions of life and death echo and thematise the individual and collective connection to nature.


23.02. to 07.05. l MQ Art Box

Working intensively with clay, the artists Cosma Kremser and Lea Fröhlinger, together with Luisa Mihalyi, have developed a site-specific installation for the MQ Art Box. Clay is a cyclical material - used cleanly, clay returns to the soil without polluting the environment, either directly or indirectly. 'ENZA' unveils a sculpture that is a monument to the popular Enzi furniture.

Haus des Baumes (House of the Tree) – Johannes Franz-Figeac

06.06. until 31.10.2023

In cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts and the Österreichische Bundesforste AG, Johannes Franz-Figec is creating a walk-in art installation that illustrates the tense relationship of humankind with nature and the significance of the forest in times of climate change.

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