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Do I have to use your caterers?

We work exclusively with the following approved caterers:

Frederik´s Catering
Tommi Hirsch Catering
Gerstner Catering
Café Leopold Catering

Is there plenty of parking near the MQ or is there a car park?

There is a large underground car park directly in front of the MQ Main Entrance.

Contipark Parkgarage (MQ Forecourt)
Open 24 hours
€ 3,- per hour
max € 20,- a day

Parking is also available in the Mariahilfer Straße and the Burggasse. WARNING: Short stay only!

Is car parking free if I have an event at the MQ?

The car park is managed by the firm Contipark and not by the MQ. For this reason, it is not possible to park for free.

Is there a price list on the homepage?

You will find our prices in the section "downloads". Also we are happy to send a price list on request.

Does the MuseumsQuartier have step-free access?

The entire complex was built to provide step-free access. Wheelchairs can be borrowed for free from the MQ Point.

Do I have do use your technicians?

We work exclusively with the firm Nuntio, who do an excellent job looking after our events and are familiar with all the equipment.

Is smoking allowed in the venues or are there special smoking zones?

Smoking is permitted in all venues by prior agreement.

Is there a special loading zone for events at the MQ?

Yes, you can drive into the complex to load and unload, provided we have been given the license plate number(s) at least one day in advance. However, parking within the complex is not allowed.

Is there a lift for the Baroque Suites?

There is a passenger lift but not a goods lift. The weight limit is 1000 kg or 13 people.

How loud can the event be?

Events must comply with official regulations that set limits of 71 dB for the Arena21, 93 dB for the Ovalhalle and LA,eg = 85dB, LC,eg = 90dB for the MQ Libelle.

Are there any regulations I have to be aware of in the venues (safety regulations, monument protection etc.)?

You are not allowed to fix anything to the walls and any alterations must be approved by the events department in advance.

Can I put up my advertising materials in the outdoor areas?

Anything erected outdoors must be discussed beforehand with the event department, since these areas are also for hire.

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