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House rules

House Rules at MuseumsQuartier Wien

Dear visitors,

Welcome to MuseumsQuartier Wien!
In the interest of public order and safety, by entering the MuseumsQuartier grounds you expressly acknowledge the following rules:

1. General

You are on PrivaTE PROPERTY. The MuseumsQuartier courtyards are kept accessible to the public by the property management until further notice. These house rules apply to the entire MuseumsQuartier grounds including the Forecourt. The current version of the road traffic regulations (StVO) also applies to the entire MuseumsQuartier grounds.

Under these regulations visitors must behave in such a way that no other persons are harmed, placed in danger, hindered, harassed, or threatened.

In the event of the carrying out of essential internal operations such as maintenance, repair, servicing, or other work, MQ E+B GesmbH reserves the right to restrict access to individual areas of the MuseumsQuartier grounds for as long as necessary or, in the event of an emergency, to block or clear individual areas entirely.

It is expressly stated that, in addition to the present house rules, the MQ Libelle house rules in their current version also apply and are expressly acknowledged upon passing through the turnstile.

2. Access

Access to and exit from MuseumsQuartier is only permitted via the appropriate designated entrances, exits, and access points. Escape doors and emergency staircases may only be opened or used in emergencies. Persons who misuse the escape doors will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

3. Visitors

Parents or accompanying adults bear sole responsibility for children and young persons and are responsible for the behaviour of minors under their care.

4. Vehicle entry regulations, vehicles on the MuseumsQuartier grounds

Entry onto the grounds by multi-track motorised vehicle is permitted only in accordance with the applicable **) entry regulations currently in force, which form an integral part of these house rules. Contravening these regulations can result in towing at the owner's expense or the filing of an action of trespass.

A maximum speed of 5 km/h applies throughout the entire grounds.

The parking or stopping of vehicles is permitted only on the designated areas of the MuseumsQuartier grounds. Driving and stopping in areas designated as pedestrian walkways is strictly prohibited. Entering and driving single-track vehicles as well as stopping and parking such vehicles on the MuseumsQuartier grounds is prohibited without exception.

Please note that the present house rules also apply to the underground parking garage situated beneath the MQ Forecourt.

5. Prohibitions

In particular, MuseumsQuartier visitors are expressly prohibited from engaging in the following activities within the entire MuseumsQuartier grounds:

  • Riding skateboards, bicycles, scooters, e-scooters or other similar vehicle-like or motorised devices, as well as inline skating (with the exception of the required access to the parking spaces provided for this purpose on the Forecourt, with due consideration given to pedestrians);
  • The parking of bicycles, scooters, e-scooters or other similar vehicle-like or motorised devices outside of the designated parking spaces provided for this purpose;
  • The making of markings, paintings, and postings of any kind on buildings and facilities intended for general use;
  • The carrying and parking of skateboards, bicycles, scooters, or similar vehicle-like items, except in those places where this is expressly permitted;
  • The carrying and use of weapons of any kind or of dangerous objects that can be used as weapons;
  • The carrying and use of pyrotechnic objects of any kind, such as fireworks or flares, smoke powder, smoke bombs, and the like;
  • The carrying of dangerous and flammable or easily combustible substances that can be detrimental to health, with the exception of commercially available pocket lighters;
  • The carrying of aerosol spray cans and corrosive, flammable, staining or other dangerous substances;
  • The playing of music, including with audio equipment, except as part of events authorised by MQ E+B GesmbH;
  • The carrying, sale, or consumption of drugs of any kind;
  • Begging and peddling
  • defecating or urinating outside of the toilets, as well as any other contamination of the grounds and buildings and facilities of MuseumsQuartier intended for general use.

With the consent of the visitor, security staff are entitled to carry out random or ad hoc checks on containers and bags. Visitors who, without justification, refuse to be checked or who are carrying prohibited objects may be denied access to the MuseumsQuartier or be refused permission to remain on the premises.

6. Cleanliness

Visitors to MuseumsQuartier are asked to treat the entire MuseumsQuartier and its facilities with care and to leave them in a clean condition. Waste, packaging, and empty containers are to be disposed of only in the dedicated bins provided.

Damage of any kind is to be avoided as far as possible. Persons causing wilful damage of any kind will be subject to a house ban and reported to the police.

7. Advertising

Promotional advertising of any kind or the mounting of decorations and other objects without the express written consent of MQ E+B GesmbH is strictly prohibited.

The fixing of posters and other pasted materials of any kind as well as the distribution of printed matter of any kind is strictly forbidden. The distribution of information leaflets is permitted only with the prior written consent of MQ E+B GesmbH.

The driving and parking of cargo bikes with advertising messages of any kind is strictly prohibited throughout the entire MuseumsQuartier grounds (including the Forecourt). Unauthorised cargo bikes will be removed at the owner's expense.

8. Sale of goods / catering

The sale of goods of any kind, the offering of services of any kind, free of charge or for a fee, gambling of any kind as well as the setting up of installations, stalls, stands and the like is strictly prohibited throughout the entire MuseumsQuartier grounds (including the Forecourt) unless authorised in writing by MQ E+B GesmbH.

Catering on the MuseumsQuartier grounds is only permitted to those contractually authorised to do so.

9. Animals

Dogs and other pets must be muzzled and held on a leash. Animal excrement, dog faeces and the like must be disposed of solely in the containers provided.

10. Liability

The use of any part of the MuseumsQuartier grounds (including the Forecourt) is made at one's one risk. Upon entering the MuseumsQuartier grounds, visitors expressly acknowledge these house rules.

Any person responsible for damage to property or who causes personal injury by failing to comply with these house rules is held to be liable for such damage or injury. MQ E+B GesmbH accepts no liability for loss of or damage to personal property, including theft.

11. Image recording, video surveillance

Visitors to MuseumsQuartier should be aware that the grounds are kept under video surveillance for security reasons. Notification of video surveillance is displayed in the entrance area. Upon entering the MuseumsQuartier grounds, visitors expressly grant their consent to this.

Filming and photography for private purposes is permitted. Photography and filming for purposes other than private use require the express written consent of the MQ E+B press department (please refer to the MQ Wien filming permission application form). This authorisation must be kept on hand during filming and presented at any time upon request.

12. Safety

Visitors must obey all information signs, mandatory signs, and prohibitory signs posted throughout the MuseumsQuartier grounds, without exception.

Entrances, exits and access points, traffic routes and footpaths, emergency stairs, doors, emergency and rescue routes must not be obstructed and must be kept entirely clear.

In the event of snow and ice build-up or icy conditions, only paths that have been cleared and gritted may be used. Remaining under trees during storms and thunderstorms is dangerous and therefore prohibited.

Visitors must follow any instructions given by emergency services (police, ambulance, fire services etc.), security personnel and persons so authorised by the property management, without exception. Those who fail to do so may be ejected from the MuseumsQuartier grounds. In the event of violations of these house rules, security service personnel and persons thus authorised by the property management are authorised to issue house bans as determined by the property management. MQ E+B GesmbH reserves the right to report any damage caused by actions prohibited by these house rules or to report any other culpable acts of damage, and to demand legal compensation from persons responsible for such damage.

13. Special regulations for events

In addition to the regulations above, visitors are subject to the following special event regulations for all events taking place on the MuseumsQuartier grounds. Visitors expressly accept these regulations upon entering the MuseumsQuartier grounds:


Inebriated and/or persons under the influence of addictive or intoxicating substances who pose a risk to themselves or others may be expelled from or denied access to MuseumsQuartier.

Alcohol will not be served to drunken persons or persons whose behaviour poses a safety risk.


In addition to the items listed under section 5, the following prohibitions apply especially to events:

  • Bringing bulky items such as ladders, stools, (folding) chairs, boxes, large bags etc.;
  • Bringing and using noisy and musical instruments and devices operated with loudspeakers such as megaphones, compressed gas fanfare horns, etc;
  • Bringing and using laser pointers;
  • Bringing splintering or fragile objects ;
  • Bringing animals (except assistance dogs and guide dogs);
  • Bringing cameras or other sound or image recording devices (except for private use);
  • Climbing or climbing over structures and installations not intended for general use, in particular fences, walls, enclosures, barriers, lighting installations, trees, poles of all kinds and roofs or similar surfaces;
  • Entering areas not intended for visitors (backstage and technical areas, etc.);
  • Smoking directly in front of the stage;
  • Distributing or spreading political propaganda, holding demonstrations, and performing acts of a racist, xenophobic or radical nature;
  • Behaving in a manner that could be interpreted by other visitors as provocative, threatening, discriminatory or offensive.

In cases of doubt, the classification of items as either prohibited or allowed will be decided by the responsible security personnel.

Please note that the organiser will not take into safe keeping any prohibited items found in the course of personal security checks. Persons who refuse to be checked or who are carrying prohibited items may be refused entry to the event in question.


In the event of a fire, security personnel, fire services, and the police must be informed immediately. Visitors must follow the instructions of security staff, fire services and the police. Remain calm!

In case of danger (e.g., accidents involving bodily injury, etc.), security staff, the Red Cross, or police must be informed immediately. Visitors must follow the instructions of security staff, the Red Cross, or the police. Remain calm!

If it is necessary to evacuate areas of the MuseumsQuartier, the instructions of the security services and staff, authorities, fire services and the police must be followed. Remain calm!


By entering the MuseumsQuartier grounds, visitors, guests, or other persons attending the respective event expressly consent, until revoked and without any claim to remuneration, to the creation, publication, reproduction, and broadcasting of images by television/radio broadcasters and photographers present, without any temporal or spatial constraints, through any technical means.

Furthermore, by entering the MuseumsQuartier grounds, visitors, guests, or other persons expressly agree that these recordings may be used by the event organiser and MQ E+B GesmbH for their own purposes such as PR, editorial and advertising purposes in publications, print media, on posters and advertisements, on the internet and social media platforms.


Noise emissions are limited to a maximum of 60 dB (LA,eq) in dB between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. out of due consideration for neighbouring residents and in accordance with § 23 of the Vienna Events Act 2020 (Wr. VG), whereby it is expressly stated that the officially prescribed sound levels must be strictly adhered to. In the period from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., no deliveries, deliveries or transport traffic are permitted in the MuseumsQuartier grounds due to the prescribed night-time noise restrictions.

14. Final provision

These house rules come into force on the day they are posted. MQ E+B GesmbH may amend these house rules at any time without stating further reasons.

*) The current version of the respective MQ Fire Regulations is an integral part of these house rules. This can be viewed at MQ E+B GesmbH or here:

PDF download MQ Fire Regulations

**) The current version of the respective MQ Entry Regulations is an integral part of these house rules. This can be viewed at MQ E+B GesmbH or at


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