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MQ Furniture

MQ Outdoor Furniture


The new MQ seating was designed by original Enzi creators PPAG architects. It develops the original form, geometry and combinatorial possibilities of the Enzi. The Viena model is manufactured from polyethylene using a rotational molding process.


The MQ Enzo was developed in 2010 by PPAG architects in collaboration with design duo MN*LS, Margarita Navarro and Ludwig Slezak. It is manufactured from polyethylene.
In comparison with the original “Enzi” model, the “Enzo” is hollow and a completely different manufacturing process makes it more robust and more resistant to damage. Yet the seating’s external contours and size have remained the same.

The history of the MQ outdoor furniture

As a modern form of seating, the MQ courtyard furniture, designed by PPAG architects for MuseumsQuartier Wien in 2003, invites visitors to the MQ courtyards to relax and linger, making them a significant factor in creating the MQ “living space.” The MQ seat, also known as the “Enzi,” quickly turned the MuseumsQuartier into a favorite haunt of Vienna’s residents, as well as of tourists from around the world, and the MuseumsQuartier is now often referred to as the “city’s living room.”

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