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Overground Resistance

Overground Resistance

Press Tour: Wed, Aug 25, 10:00
Opening: Wed, Aug 25, 19:00
Extended Opening Hours: Sep 3 & Sep 4 until 21:00

The current access regulations apply.

Extreme weather conditions have become the global norm. Forests are burning, permafrost soils are thawing, polar ice and glaciers melt, drought strikes once fertile regions, plant and animal species are becoming extinct on a massive scale. Yet even as the impact of climate breakdown comes to be felt everywhere, government climate policy worldwide is woefully inadequate to the urgency of the crisis. On one day, states declare a climate emergency; the next day they still sponsor fossil-fueled energy, building freeways, airports and gas pipelines, enclosing territory on whatever scale the projects demand. „Overground Resistance“ brings together artists who produce their works in dialogue with the climate justice movements in which they consider themselves participants.


Tiago de Aragão (BRA), Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio (USA), Noel Douglas (GBR), Francisco Huichaqueo (Mapuche Nation/CHL), Gilbert Kills Pretty Enemy III (Hunkpapa Lakota of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe/USA), Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner & Aka Niviâna (MHL/GRL), Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (FRA), The Natural History Museum (USA), Oliver Ressler (AUT), Rachel Schragis (USA), Seday (FRA), Jonas Staal (NLD), Tools for Action (HUN/NLD)
Curator: Oliver Ressler

Exhibition display: Magdalena Hofer, student of the Department of Stage and Costume Design, Film and Exhibition Architecture, University Mozarteum Salzburg

"Overground Resistance" is organised in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.
The exhibition will continue in a new configuration in 2022 at the NeMe Arts Centre in Limassol, Cyprus and is an extension of the FWF-funded research project "Barricading the Ice Sheets" by Oliver Ressler, which explores the climate crisis, the climate justice movement and its relationship to art. "Barricading the Ice Sheets" will be implemented in the context of solo exhibitions at Camera Austria, Graz (Sep 03 to Nov 21), Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb (Nov 30 to Jan 30, 2022), Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn (Sep 09 to Nov 13, 2022) and The Showroom, London (2022).

Image: Tools for Action, Red Line Barricade, COP21 protest, Paris 2015. Courtesy Tools for Action Foundation; Photograph: Artúr van Balen

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

opening hours

tue-sun:13-16h, 16.30-20h

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