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Public Moves: Liliya Burdinskaya "Movement Poems"

01.08.2023 to 01.08.2023

Public Moves: Liliya Burdinskaya "Movement Poems"


© Svyatoslav Dozmorov © Svyatoslav Dozmorov

ImPulsTanz: Public Moves

This class will teach you to move like a poet. Movement Poems is a way to discover and express through improvised movement the poetry of the body. Our bodies hold many stories that beg to be found and told.  But not all stories want to be expressed by voice, or kept written on paper, many of them are looking for a more intimate way, to be pronounced as movement and dissolve in the air, leaving the author of the movement with a sensation of poetic transformation. Liliya will share information of how to think in a specific way while moving in order to express the body’s inner poems, to experience body as an event and to feel magical control over time flow. This class will leave you inspired by metaphors, images and rhymes kept in the body as the living human body is the most poetic source of being.

Registration: ImPulsTanz Public Moves 2023 - Liliya Burdinskaya

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