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Public Moves: Alexander Vantournhout "Catabatics"

21.07.2023 to 21.07.2023

Public Moves: Alexander Vantournhout "Catabatics"


© Bart Grietens © Bart Grietens

ImPulsTanz: Public Moves

After growing the awareness of those six extremities we’ll explore them throughout improvisations and puzzles, leading into different falling strategies (Ukemi) and basic "catabatics" which have nothing to do with karate, but literally means "low(er)-(acro)batics". These include acrobatics such as cartwheels, stepovers, rainbows, mini rodeo’s, around the clock wheels etc. These (rather new) elements are all about coordination, rather than virtuosity, strength or flexibility.

Registration: ImPulsTanz Public Moves 2023 - Alexander Vantournhout

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