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O-Töne 2023: Sabine Gruber

17.08.2023 to 17.08.2023 - MQ Main Courtyard

O-Töne 2023: Sabine Gruber



Thu 17.08., 20h l MQ Haupthof l Admission free 

O-Töne Premieres: Sabine Gruber "Die Dauer der Liebe"

Reading: Luca Kieser "Weil da war etwas im Wasser"

Moderation: Stefan Gmünder

Luca Kieser, born in 1992, studied philosophy as well as linguistics and has specialised in natural ethics. He received, among others, the Wortmeldungen-Förderpreis, the Lyrik-Lichtungen-Stipendium and won the FM4-Wortlaut-Kurzgeschichtenwettbewerb 2021. For the first time he will read from his debut novel "Weil da was im Wasser" (Picus).

Sabine Gruber, born in 1963, lives as a freelance writer in Vienna. She has received numerous prizes and scholarships for her work, including the Priessnitz Prize (1998), the Förderungspreis zum österreichischen Staatspreis (2000), the Anton Wildgans Prize (2007) and the Austrian Art Prize for Literature (2016). She was already in the programme at the first festival edition of O-Töne with her second novel "Die Zumutung", as well as in 2007 with the follow-up "Die Zumutung". In 2011 she opened the festival with "Stillbach oder Die Sehnsucht", in 2016 she read from the novel "Daldossi oder Das Leben des Augenblicks". At this year's anniversary edition of O-Töne, she will present her new novel "Die Dauer der Liebe" (C.H. Beck) for the first time, which will be published on 13 July.

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