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frame[o]ut 2022 - Open Air Cinema

08.07.2022 to 27.08.2022 - MQ Main Courtyard, Hof 8

frame[o]ut 2022 - Open Air Cinema


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08.07. – 27.08.
Every Fri & Sat at nightfall l
MQ Main Courtyard and MQ Court 8 close to the boules court l Eintritt frei
feature film, documentary film, short film, art film, cinema & digital culture as well as supporting programs before the film screenings

bad weather location: Arena21



Fri 08.07., 21.30h, MQ Main Courtyard

with Bettina Leidl (MQ Director), Martina Theininger (Director frame[o]ut) and Lisa Heuschober (Program Director frame[o]ut)
The Hill Where Lionesses Roar
D: Luàna Bajrami, XK / FR 2021, fiction, 83 min.,
OV English subtitles


Sat 09.07., 21.30h, MQ Court 8
Hungry Babies
Varieties of the performative music video


Fri 15.07., 21.30h, MQ Main Courtyard
No Dancing Allowed
The Q21
Q21 presents a program by Bogomir Doringer for the exhibition „NO DANCING ALLOWED“


Sat 16.07., 21.30h, MQ Main Courtyard
TikTok, Boom.
D: Shalini Kantayya, USA 2022, 90 min, documentary, OV English
with Spencer X, Deja Foxx, Feroza Aziz u.a


Fri 22.07., 21h, MQ Main Courtyard
Verschwinden / Izginjanje
D: Andrina Mračnikar, AT 2022, documentary, 99 min., OV English subtitles


Sat 23.07., 21h, MQ Court 8
Juste Un Mouvement
D: Vincent Meessen, BE 2021, documentary, 111 min., OV English subtitles


Fri 29.07., 21h, MQ Main Courtyard
D: Anita Rocha da Silveira, BR 2021, feature film, 127 min., OV English subtitles


Sat 30.07., 21h, MQ Court 8
Short Film program: On Personal Archives And Images Traveling In Time

Smells / Olores
D: Alba Esquinas, ES 2022, short film, 10 min., OV English Subtitles

I Am Trying To Remember / Saei Mikonam faramoush nako nam (منکن شومارف منکیم یعس)
D: Pegah Ahangarani, IR / CZ 2021, short film, 15 min., OV English Subtitles

How Do You Measure A Year?
D: Jay Rosenblatt, US 2021, short film, 29 min., OV English

Invisible Hands
D: Lia Sudermann, Simon Nagy, AT 2022, short film, 12 min., OV English Subtitles


Fri 05.08., 21h, MQ Main Courtyard
The Fallen Idol
D: Carol Reed, GB 1948, 95 min, feature film, OV English
With Richardson, Michèle Morgan, Bobby Henrey u.a.


Sat 06.08., 20.30h, MQ Main Courtyard
A Night with Afro Rainbow Austria


D: Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim, NG 2020, short film, 38 min, OV English subtitles

I Am Samuel
D: Pete Murimi, KE / UK / DE / US / NL / CA / ZA 2020, feature film 69 min, OV English subtitles

Afro Rainbow Austria (ARA) is the first organization established by and for African LGBTQI+ in Austria. ARA is aimed at suppor-ting and promoting the visibility of queer Africans by creating a communicative and interactive platform. ÌFÉ (2020, Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim) and I AM SAMUEL (2020, Pete Murimi) are two films that sheds light on queer African love and resistance. The films also touch on the deeply engraved aftermath of colonialism and the continuous struggles of queer African folks existing in systems, societies, and countries that are violent towards them and their queerness.
Audio Visual Dj set by Mzamo


Fri 12.08., 21h, MQ Main Courtyard
D: Milica Tomović, RS 2021, 106 Min, feature film, OmeU
With Dubravka Kovjanić, Stefan Trifunović, Katarina Dimić, Anja Ðorðević


Sat 13.08., 21h, MQ Court 8
The Gig Is Up
D: Shannon Walsh, CAN 2021, documentary, 88 min., OV English


Fri 19.08., 21h, MQ Main Courtyard
D: Bert Stern, USA 1958, documentary, 88 min., English OV

The 1958 Newport Jazz Festival and the America's Cup Sailing Regatta are taking place at the same time. On a hot and sunny day, boats glide across the sea and a fan-crowd of bohemians, Beatniks and eccentric city dwellers meets the bewildered Rich and Beautiful and the village community of Newport. A top-class music event takes place, until late into the night, with the Jazz greats on the stage. The powerful passion and virtuoso coolness of the musicians meet with Mad-Women-and-Men and a swell-time feeling in the audience.


Sat 20.08., 21h, MQ Court 8
A Tale Of Love And Desire
D: Leyla Bouzid, FR 2021, 103 min, feature film, OV English subtitles

With Sami Outalbali, Zbeida Belhajamor, Diong-Kéba Tacu, Aurélia Petit


Fri 26.08., 21h, MQ Main Courtyard
Moon, 66 Questions
D: Jacqueline Lentzou, GR / FR 2021, feature film, 108 min, OV English subtitles
With Sofia Kokkali, Vassilis Kanakis, Alexandros Vardaxoglou, Angeliki Papoulia, Argyris Xafis, Niki Papandreou


Sat 27.08., 21h, MQ Court 8
Program: Terra Femme

…A Response
D: Anahita Asadifar, AT 2021, short film, 5 min., OV English

Terra Femme
D: Courtney Stephens, US 2021, documentary, 62 min., OV English


Subject to program changes

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