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CPA: Alix Eynaudi "BRUNO"

21.10.2023 to 21.10.2023 - Tanzquartier Wien

CPA: Alix Eynaudi "BRUNO"


© Daniela Trost © Daniela Trost

""BRUNO" emerges from the mist like a stranded ship, a sigh left hanging in the air. It cascades away and leaves a pause. A piece of a hole. Something that doesn’t happen. A breeze of what didn’t take place. A haunting. To let ourselves be haunted, to sigh together, to stop, to blow, to turn around, to be sad together. To not do much. To step aside, to let a rumbling moment pass, to weave our thoughts against a break, to nestle inside a break. To take a break together. To rest, to be absent from an event, together. To caress a thought. To rest, to stay there. To not worry about creating a flow, to do things in vain. To not write scores, protocols, to wait, to stop, to not fill in the gaps, to leave blanks, to dance next to our shoes. To open a hand and let go, to not hold back, to lighten, to tenderly support, to relieve. "BRUNO" is the emanation of a piece without end, a cloth made of friendships and loves cobbled together. Located in a recently (or perhaps never) uninhabited linguistic space, "BRUNO" unfurls, unfolds its over-exposures."

Named after the light designer Bruno Pocheron, a collaborative partner of Alix Eynaudi since 2005, the piece features a cluster-like light sculpture which sprouts and transforms itself into a musical instrument through the sound design of Paul Kotal. "BRUNO" is a dance piece that brings together a series of movements while Hugo, Mark and Alix seem to nestle between images, evocations and invocations, never quite completing them and constantly oscillating between figuration and abstraction. In this laboratory atrium, the dancers try the movements on as if they were clothes, challenging their contours, boundaries, and textures in a dialogical mode in which the image/notion conjuring vibrates until it fits, comforts, and finally swirls away. "BRUNO" tests forms of encounter on stage in which light, sound and dance co-exist, casting shadows of possibilities.

A reprise within the framework of Choreographic Platform Austria

Tanzquartier Wien

opening hours

mo-fri:9 – 19.30h
sat:10 – 19.30h


Tanzquartier Wien GmbH
Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-581 35 91


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