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Gruppe Or-Om. Universalistic Avant-Garde of Advanced Sustainability


Gruppe Or-Om. Universalistic Avant-Garde of Advanced Sustainability

Q21 Backstage: In October 2022 we present the strictly virtual non profit Group Or-Om for an evolution in arts, science, and social formations.

Gruppe Or-Om presents also critical multi-media installations to stimulate extensions in art theory, logics, epistemology and the globalization of mankind within the framework of a new fundamental science and universalistic humanism.

Interview with Gruppe Or-Om

Who are you?

∞ A virtual group cannot be ascribed to a social person. But virtuality makes it possible to explore previously unrealised ideal fields in art, science and social theory. A specific progressive avant-garde emerges. Hence, there are no images of the members.

What is the meaning behind the name Gruppe Or-Om?

∞ The term Or-Om derives from a newly invented language, which deduces and recognises everything that is from and in the infinity of basic nature. ‘Universal’ or ‘all’ could be approximate terms.

What are your fields of activity?

∞ The summary at gives you an overview of the fields.
a) Performance at Q21: Since 2005, we have already presented 40 multi-media installations in the form of show case art.
b) Theoretical foundation of the works at Q21 at
c) Projects outside Q21
d) Publications in printed versions and online courses
‘Die Vollendete Kunst‘ and ’K.C.F. Krauses Urbild der Menschheit. Richtmaß einer universalistischen Globalisierung. Kommentierter Originaltext und Weltsystemanalyse‘ are important highlights.

Where can we experience your work?

∞ Immerse yourself in our work at There is a lot of (digital and analogue) media and themes of art, science and social formations helping you find stimulation for your development steps (Or-Om avant-garde).

Since when has Gruppe Or-Om been at Q21/MQ?

∞ Since 2005. Themes are diverse. Particularly, we would like to mention ’Was Picasso nicht erkannte – Manifest der Or-Om-Kunst’ ( and ‘Der Kulturator’ (

What is important to you?

∞ Since Gruppe Or-Om advocates a progressive-universalistic approach, everything is important – every single detail. The group offers new dimensions of advanced sustainability.

A perfect work day starts with…

∞ …”from the universal to the individual and back again.”

Events in October 2022

© Gruppe Or-Om

Aus dem All in die Alphabete und zurück
until Wed 31.05.2023
Venue: Raum D / Q21

What does this mean: We can recognise a primordial universe, the divine cosmic construct in a new and advanced way. We can re-organise languages and alphabets in spirit and nature in mankind and its sciences and arts.

That’s what it’s about! Since around 1800, mankind has been able to access new layouts of the cosmic structure ( They contain the infinite language alphabet of infinite basic nature, but also new layouts of evolutionary sustainability.

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