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KABINETT comic passage: Comic and related arts


KABINETT comic passage: Comic and related arts

Q21 Backstage: In the KABINETT comic passage exhibitions dedicated to various forms of the combination of words and images (in common parlance: comics) are held.

Since 2007, the KABINETT comic passage has been presenting international comic artists working with the combination of words and images in many different ways. The passage comprises two and a half gallery spaces and a vending machine containing the publications accompanying the exhibitions. The ceiling painting was designed by French artist Stéphane Blanquet.

Conversation with Sibylle Vogel and Thomas Kriebaum, KABINETT comic passage

Who/What are you?

We are Viennese illustrators and together we run KABINETT comic passage, a platform for Austrian and international comic art.

What are your fields of activity?

Our focus is on the art form of graphic novels, or ‘comics’, which is still very underrated. It is our mission to introduce Austrian and international comic artists to a wider audience. For this reason, we invite three to four illustrators every year to develop a publication (‘KABINETTheft’) and an exhibition. We take care of layout and printing and assist in designing the exhibition. For each exhibition we organise an opening event, often with the artist present.

How do you reach your goals?

We love the smell of freshly printed magazines and to communicate with our valued, very lovely artists. It’s inspiring!

What challenges do you face?

Open-air openings during all seasons: what to wear? The comic vending machines are getting a bit old and don’t always work that well. The machines only accept euro coins, but we hope for a timely introduction of 3, 4 and 5 euro coins in order for us to compensate annual price increases.

What is important to you?

The quality of each production. Through the years, we have compiled a rich collection illustrating the diversity of the comic medium and we want to keep going at this high level.

How big is your team?

It’s the two of us, Thomas Kriebaum and Sibylle Vogel. We do a lot of the organisational work together, but Thomas is responsible for printing and technology and Sibylle deals with public relations.

Since when have you been at Q21?

The predecessor to KABINETT comic passage, which has existed since 2007, was called ‘KABINETT für Wort und Bild” (‘word and image’) and a part of what is now freiraum Q21 exhibition space. It was founded by Rudi Klein, Nicolas Mahler and Heinz Wolf in 2003.

A perfect work day starts with …

… coffee and sunshine the morning after a KABINETT opening event.

© Sibylle Vogel, Thomas Kriebaum

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