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Andrea Palašti: Why look at archives?

Andrea Palašti is an interdisciplinary artist from Serbia whose works focus on photography and film. Her artistic projects such as "A Walk Through the Zoo" or "Sculpture Study: For Bretteldorf" are assemblages of archives that develop a discourse on history, our relationship with animals, and everyday life.

"I treat the short film as a complete form of its own"

Former Artist-in-Residence Marta Pajek talked to TRICKY WOMEN / TRICKY REALITIES' Waltraud Grausgruber about her work and the making of this year's festival trailer.

What does it sound like when you trust me?

Bojana S. Knežević was invited by TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien to spend February 2019 as Q21 Artist-in-Residence at MuseumsQuartier Wien. In conversation with TONSPUR curator Georg Weckwerth she discusses her latest projects.

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