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Raum mit Sesseln um runden Tisch, Amerikaflagge, Österreichflagge in der Ecke

Fulbright Austria: Full of bright minds.

The aim of the Fulbright Program is to promote ‘mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the peoples of other countries’. For 70 years the Fulbright Program has provided grants for Austrian graduates or scholars to study, teach, or pursue research in the US and for US citizens to engage in similar activities in Austria.

Innenansicht des Büros von White Castle Games im Q21/MuseumsQuartier Wien

White Castle: Games Agency

Q21 Backstage: White Castle is a creative licensing agency for analogue game ideas, specialised in family, party and kids’ games. We talk with Anita Landgraf about her work as a games agent.

Cecilia Araneda: It's time for experimental to grow up and challenge itself with content

Artist-in-Residence Cecilia Araneda talks in an interview with this human world festival directors Lara Bellon and Michael Schmied about her practice.

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