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Komische Künste

Q21 Backstage: Cartoons are art with a high entertainment value. They are graphic artworks with a punchline, not just drawn jokes. That’s what makes them so appealing: They move at the interface between art and illustration. This popular yet underestimated genre receives support and promotion by the gallery, the shop, and publications.


Q21 Backstage: Sternenpassage highlights various artists whose work broadly relates to photography and illumination. It presents their works across four illuminated circular display cases on the walls, combining them with telescope images of outer space. The diagram on the ceiling dates back to the Baroque period and depicts a comet‘s elliptical path, held in place by a mysterious structure of particles. This micro museum is curated by Sabine Jelinek.


Q21 Backstage: STATION ROSE/STR is an interface between digital and analog art. Exhibitions, mixed-media-installations, music, live A/V-performances, and theory are on the agenda. Artist duo and “pioneers of Digital Culture” (FAZ) Elisa Rose and Gary Danner are online since 1991 and STReam since 1999. After 20 years abroad STATION ROSE installed a permanent location at Q21/MQ Wien, besides STReaming, tv-shows, music production, performances, AR (Artivive) and exhibitions all over the world.

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