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16.06.2011 to 18.06.2011




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Date: Jun 16 to 18, 20.30h
Venue: Tanzquartier Wien / Studios

STÜCKWERK is a format for young choreographic hands. Selected from the projects submitted, in one evening the invited up-and-coming artists develop five new short pieces at the intersections of performance, lecture and installation. Philippe Riéra, a member of the international performance collective Superamas will act as coach, mentoring the development of the pieces.


Iris Julian (A)

Iris Julian transfers her performance ausgeschieden, created for die Bar Rectum (a project of the Atelier van Lieshout / MUMOK OUT SITE_04), into the context of Stückwerk. The ambivalent semiotic character of her work, which critically scrutinises the neoliberal fun society, develops in the emerging performative space, which can be read as a stage set and art installation.


Lucie Strecker / Klaus Spiess (D/A)
Fictional Offender

Documented both by Lucie Strecker and Klaus Spiess, structured dialogue in moderated chat rooms are the basic stating material of this artistic research project. Using figures of penetration and defence in immunology, her performance covers social, societal and linguistic construction processes with regard to her design of a body-self and body-alien.


Liebchenweilhart (A)
KörperInnen :: gut durchwachsen

Scenes line up like stretched out thoughts and open up a spectrum of methodological and thematic possibilities of coming together; meanings fly in between the events. The performative collage KörperInnen :: gut durchwachsen [bodies well mixed] turns in the truest sense of the word on the question: how do we understand bodies?


Mirela Baciak (PL/A) / Nicholas Hoffman (USA/A)
»Touch me, love me. Pick me up and throw me«

The format of the lecture and a conglomeration of toys are the inspiration for the performance. Alternating between playful behaviour and a pedagogic lecture, various forms of play develop in which movement meets the spoken word and creates space for absurd-humorous confusions of meaning.


Didi Resch (A) / Tobias M. Draeger (D/A)
The Medium is the Manege

With an adaptation of Marshall McLuhan\'s famous phrase \"the medium is the message\" and echoing the most varied historic film figures, the Resch/Draeger duo focus on contemporary performance art: how can one orient oneself in a field that increasingly does not work on the body itself but above all on its staging in competing media formats.

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