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Olena Kurzel

Olena Kurzel

area: visual art

Key Facts




visual art



recommending institution

Office Ukraine / BMEIA

time period

June 2023 - July 2023

2023-”Forms of presence”, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2023-"What can be lost, what can be saved", as part of the festival "Nearby". Odesa, Ukraine
2023-"Stay" as part of the "NULLA" project, with the support of the Rhizom gallery. Graz, Austria.
2022- «Don’t Close Your Eyes»,   the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Gallery, Massachusetts, USA
2022 –” Resistance”, Baroque Gallery App. Кyiv, Ukraine.
2022 – Art Auction BER4UA. Berlin, Germany.
2021 – "Space around, space in me", Corners Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
2021 – "Exhibition of Non-Ideal Art", Plast Art Museum. Chernihiv, Ukraine.
2018 – Personal exhibition in the gallery "Gard". Yuzhnoukrainsk, Ukraine.
2017 – "Art for Future", Consulate General of Ukraine in Munich. Munich, Germany.
2023 - Story of one room
2023 - Citadel
2022 - Empty buildings
2022 - Inside the room
2022 - Series Crazy faces of war

Project info

After a time
The age-old memory of the trauma remains, it is imprinted in the ground, becomes part of the landscape. Memories of thousands of victims are stored with them deep in the ground, they are buried with them. The earth reflects the shadows of the victims buried in it. Every century the reservoir of memory of trauma is replenished with new memories of new traumas, new wars, new violence, it seems that this source is inexhaustible.
In this project, Olena Kurzel wants to show the perception of the landscape in a new focus, a new perception, through the prism of the collective memory of the victims. A person becomes part of the landscape, everything eventually dissolves into dust, leaving behind only shadows and echoes. We are all witnesses of events that are a huge scar on the collective memory of mankind.

During her residency at MQ the artist makes a project on huge pieces of fabric, using acrylic paint and embroidery. People will be depicted against the backdrop of the landscape. Also a slow motion animation about the course of a person's life is planned. By using linen fabric, which is short-lived, Olena Kurzel wants to show the fragility of human life and the fragility of everything that surrounds us.

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