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Madina Akhmedova

Madina Akhmedova

area: Interdisciplinary Art

Cyber Avar Madu Akhmedova, 2023 © Madina Akhmedova

Girl with an ermine, 2021 © Madina Akhmedova

Guanyin Princess, 2021 © Madina Akhmedova

Non-binary Angel, 2023 © Madina Akhmedova

Non-binary Angel, 2023 © Madina Akhmedova

Key Facts




Interdisciplinary Art



recommending institution


time period

March 2024 - April 2024

Madina Akhmedova (born 1996 in Moscow, with roots in the Republic of Dagestan,
where she spent her entire childhood) is an interdisciplinary artist who works in various media, with painting being her primary medium. Her creative approach is characterised by a fusion of different techniques and materials. In her work, she explores the binary nature of reality and ways to go beyond dualistic thinking. Through visual representations, the artist seeks to convey calm and passion by defining expressive forms and meditative states as two opposing and harmonious elements of a unique whole.
Akhmedova received her bachelor's degree in journalism from Lomonosov Moscow State University and is now studying at the Brick Institute of Art.
Her exhibition career began in Moscow in 2018, since then her works have been shown in many galleries throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Her works are in collections in Russia, the Netherlands, England and the USA.

Project info

During her residency at MQ, Madina Akhmedova intends to launch a project entitled Mind Station, in which she will explore the nature and trajectories of the human mind, find ways to redirect it and create works that in their form reflect techniques for analysing the workings of the mind. The human mind is like water. It flows. And this flow can be changed, also according to what we know from Western neuroscientific research and Eastern contemplative practices. Akhmedova believes that it is possible to discover a mechanism and apply it when needed. Basically, she wants to create a prototype of a space that engages all organs of perception (visual, olfactory, tactile) and redirects the mind from a chaotic, agitated state to a calmer, clearer and emptier one.
In the future the artist would like to realise this as a social object in public space. During her time at the MuseumsQuartier she will do laboratory research and experimentally create a prototype of Mind Station. She has planned an exhibition of sculptural objects and paintings to complete her concept in the end.
In a conditioned everyday life, people move mechanically: shopping, cooking, studying, working, even a walk with loved ones becomes a routine experience, grey and always the same. Akhmedova wants to free perception from automatism with her artistic work.

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