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Hannah Stragholz

Hannah Stragholz

area: Film, Visual Art, Animation

Doom Cruise © Hannah Stragholz & Simon Steinhorst

Doom Cruise © Hannah Stragholz & Simon Steinhorst

Doom Cruise © Hannah Stragholz & Simon Steinhorst

Key Facts




Film, Visual Art, Animation



recommending institution

Vienna Shorts

time period

May 2023 - June 2023

Hannah Stragholz (*1990 in Cologne) works after a teaching degree at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and the
Meisterschüler title with Katharina Grosse, as a freelance artist with a focus on painting and film.
Together with Simon Steinhorst, with whom she founded Studio Corallo in 2018, she works as an animator and director.
Her work as a filmmaker began with the documentary animation film Daphne & Noah, initially as an animator/colorist. Music videos for American noise guitarist Mikk Barr & installation video works followed. The film Ein Aus Weg, documenting the life of a prison inmate, was her first directorial effort and was awarded the Lola in Gold for Best Animated Film in 2016.
In 2017, her picture book Kölle Alaaf - mein erstes Kölner Karnevalsbuch (Kölle Alaaf - My First Cologne Carnival Book) was published by Emons-Verlag and was chosen as Book of the Month by the bookstore Klaus Bittner.
In 2018, animations by her and Simon Steinhorst in collaboration with Johannes Wohnseifer were created for Art Cologne, the documentary Parallel Planes by Nicole Wegner with her animations was released, and work on animations for a feature-length documentary for children was completed in free production.
In the following years, several cinematic works of hers are created in collaboration with the LRRH_ gallery, as well as some music videos and animations for short films and documentaries.
In 2021 she collaborates with Simon Steinhorst and Huba Film as an animator for the film Hello Darkness My Good Friend, a 30-minute documentary animated film by Melanie Jilg that explores the theme of anxiety disorders.
In 2021, she completed the short film Doom Cruise with Studio Corallo, funded by Medienstiftung NRW.
Doom Cruise was awarded several prizes, including the German Short Film Award 2021, and received the rating "especially valuable" from the Film Rating Board.

On 05.06., 19h her installation Doom Mood opens at ASIFAKEIL.

Project info

Zum Knochen is a fictional, feature-length animated film that describes a world between existence and non-existence. Superficially, Zum Knochen is about an immoral business with death. On the surface, it addresses social issues such as migration, borders, European politics and ethics are addressed.
Zum Knochen is aimed at a young, politically interested audience and is intended to stimulate a discourse on the project of humanity. It draws on poetic imagery and metaphorical narrative threads that offer a wide variety of possibilities for identification. How do we want to live and what are we willing to sacrifice for it?
After Piet crashes his motorcycle, he finds himself in a mysterious in-between world. A lonely village, whose center is the inn "Zum Knochen"...

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