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Anna Kove

Anna Kove

area: Literature, Translation

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Literature, Translation



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November 2022 - December 2022

Anna Kove is a well-known poet and translator from Albania. She graduated at 2001 at “Goethe” Institution, Germany, with the Diploma “German as a foreign language in theory and practice”. She continued her Post-University (Master) studies at the European University of Viadrina in Germany (2002-2004) in “Media and Intercultural Communication”. She also graduated in “Albanian Language and Literature” at the University of Tirana (1986-1990).

Anna Koveis author of many books, such as "Shën Valentin ku ishe", “Djegë Ujërash”, “Nimfa e pemës së humbur”, “Kambanat e së dielës” and has been awarded with many prizes, in different competitions in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. She is one of the most distinguished contemporary authors in Albania, having the attention of the critics, researchers and journalists, who have been continuously writing about her works.

She has participated in different seminars and translation workshops like LCB “Berlin” “In Käte tanzen” (September 2006); “Artistic Translation of Children Literature: Kein Kinderspiel” (2013), organized by Robert Bosch Stiftung– Hamburg, the International translators meeting LCB march 2019; Chateao  

She is winner of the translation stock of “Schritte Stipendien”, from S. Fischer Stiftung in Literarisches Colloquium Berlin. (June- July 2015); (January-February 2020) and Residency grants for literary translators at Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium Straelen (July-August 2019), Château de Lavigny, International writers residence, May 2021.

Her contribute in translations is even wider, we underline the translation of “Mohn und Gedächtnis” by Paul Celan (Toena Editions, supported by Traduki) and the Anthology “German short stories” (Ombra GVG Editions). Many of her translations, such as “Herztier” (Albas Editions supported by Traduki),  “Hast du ein Taschentuch?”,“Dorfschronik” and stories from "Niederungen" by Herta. Mueller (Albas Editions), “Die Nacht, die Lichter” by Clemens Meyer (Albas Editions, supported by  Creative Europe), ‘Tyll” by Daniel Kehlmann (Toena Editions, supported by Creative Europe), “Die größere Hoffnung” by Ilse Aichinger (Albas Editions supported by Traduki) “Ich spiele noch” by Rose Ausländer  (Poeteka Editions), „Die Schlafwandler“ by Hermann Broch, “Blaetter und Schatten” by Wolfgang Hilbig, “Alles umsonst”, by Walter Kempowski, “Demian”, “Peter Camenzind und “Unterm Rad’ by Hermann Hesse and different poetry works by S. Kirsch, M. L. Kaschnitz, B. Brecht, I. Bachman, N. Sachs have been published in different Albanian literary magazines.


The time in residence will serve my plans both as a translator and as a writer: As an author, I will complete a volume of poetry, Aprilwind, which will be published in 2023. This volume will include about 100 lyric poems.
As a translator, I am fortunate that my residency coincides with the Vienna Book Fair. As a current translator of several Austrian authors, I will try to get in touch with the contemporary literary scene in Vienna to look for the authors of my future translation plans. As well as to continue my work with the translation of the novel "F" by the German-Austrian author Daniel Kehlmann.

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