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Midori Mitamura

Midori Mitamura

area: Installation

Key Facts







recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

October 2019 - October 2019

Midori Mitamura is an artist working internationally. She stages spatial installations in which she shares emotions and memories – both pleasant and not so pleasant – with visitors, and translates them into narratives. Her installations are a form of stage on which these narratives are enacted as personal dramas using a variety of means including photos, pictures, music, language, old clothes and second-hand goods. Midori Mitamura is participant of the exhibition Japan Unlimited.

She did several solo exhibitions:
2018 “If not here, then I’m somewhere else” Gallery Manuel Ojeda (Gran Canaria, Spain)
2017 “Art & Breakfast Las Palmas de Gran Canaria” CAAM /Atlantic Center of Modern Art (Gran Canaria, Spain)
2017 “DRIFT” Galerie Lichtblick (Cologne, Germany)
2016 “Art & Breakfast Wiesbaden” Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal (Wiesbaden, Germany)
2014 "Art & Breakfast Belfast" Golden Thread Gallery (Belfast, UK)
2011 "Art & Breakfast, Melbourne" Monash University Museum of Art (Melbourne, Australia)
2010 "Temptation in blue" Nanatsudera Studio, Aichi Triennial ( Aichi, Japan)
2009 "On everyday planet" Fuchu Municipal Museum (Tokyo)
2008 "Midori Mitamura @ Yokohama" Creative Space 9001 (The old Sakuragi-cho Station /Yokohama, Japan)
2006 "Green on the mountain" Secession (Vienna, Austria)
2005 "Green on the mountain" Traveling exhibition in Finland (Helsinki, Oulu, Turku)
2002 "Stories in two rooms ”nadiff / Tokyo + Contemporary Art Factory (Tokyo)
2001 "Where memories go" Gallery Eboran (Salzburg, Austria)
2000 "Inventions" - sunny flat days - Zeit Foto Salon (Tokyo)
1999 "Permanent room" Galerie Lichtblick (Cologne, Germany)
1999 "Permanent room" Contemporary Art Factory (Tokyo)

She participated in several international exhibitions, including:
2018 “Ladies Only”  Photographic Gallery K.T. Blumberg (Potsdam, Germany)
2017 “Leaving Language – in a Japanese limousine” The Methropole (Folkestone, England)
2017 “The Reading” The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2017 (Tokyo)
2016 International Art Festival “AICHI Triennale 2016” Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art ( Nagoya, Japan)
2015 “Living Locally” Arts Maebashi (Gunma, Japan)
2014 “Unseen Daily Life” Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (Tokyo)
2014 “ARAFUDO Art Annual” Tsuchiyu-Onsen-Cho (Fukushima. Japan)
2014 "Big Sky Friendship" TOWADA Art Center (Aomori, Japan)
2012 “Over the Rainbow” Fuchu City Art Museum (Tokyo)
2011 “Quiet Attentions” Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower MITO (Ibaraki, Japan)
2010 "To-Be Tokyo-Berlin Communication Art" Freies museum (Berlin)
2010 "It's not easy being green" Kunsthause Muerz (Muerz, Austria)
2009 "Domani" National Art Center (Tokyo)
2008" To-Lo" Stephen Lawrence Gallery Greenwich University (London)
2008 "Towards a game of photography" Kawaski City Museum (Kanagawa, Japan)
2007 "Max Ernst and the world as book" Museum der Moderne Salzburg  (Salzburg, Austria)
2006 "Busan Biennale" / South Korea
2003 "Location of the spirits" Ludwig museum (Budapest) , Moscow contemporary museum ( Moscow)
2003 "On Happiness;" Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo)
2003 "Moving Japanese _Interfacial spaces" Kulturhuset  (Stockholm)
2002 "7th Kitakyushu Biennial” Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art   (Fukuoka, Japan)
2002 "Smooth Rupture Japan" Kunstraum Innsbruck  (Innsbruck, Austria)
2002 "Not so smooth" Shiseido Gallery (Tokyo)
2001-2002 Nordic countries traveling exhibition "Illusion" (Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo and others)
2001 "Homesickness of daylight" Kasugai Culture and Art Center (Aichi, Japan)
2000 "Strange home" Historical Museum (Hannover, Germany)
2000 "Yume no ato" haus am waldsee (Berlin, Germany) Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden -Baden (Baden –Baden, Germany)
2000 "Voices from Japan" Centrum Beeldende Kunst (Leiden, Netherlands)
1999 "Contemporary Photographic Art from Japan" NBK Berlin, Hallescher Kunstverein, Museum Bochum, Badischer Kunstverein
1999 "5th International photo festival Herten" (Herten, Germany)

She has participated in following residency programs:
2017  International Artist in Residence, The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Vienna)
2016  Artist in Residence, Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal (Wiesbaden, Germany)
2015 HomeBase Project, Pre Event of  SAITAMA Triennale (SAITAMA, Japan)
2014  Prize, Dresden Public Art View ( Dresden, Germany)
2014  International Artist in Residence, Flax Art Studio (Belfast, UK)
2011  Tokyo-Melbourne Exchange Creator, Monash University Museum of Art (Melbourne, Australia)
2005  Scholarship, Japanese Government Overseas Program for artists (Finland)

Project info

During her residency Midori Mitamura will work on a Site-specific art installation for the exhibition "Japan Unlimited" at frei_ram Q21 exhibition space.

Midori Mitamura: Art and Breakfast Japan Unlimited

Installation and participatory project as part of the exhibition "Japan Unlimited" at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

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