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verena herterich mit Oravin: Myrth

17.05.2024 to 18.05.2024 - Tanzquartier Wien

verena herterich mit Oravin: Myrth


© Michael Würmer © Michael Würmer

Fri 17. & Sat 18.05., Following Luisa Fernanda Alonso, Dance/Performance/Music, Premiere

The performer feels her way along inner unevenness and geological unrest into landscapes. They encounter sediments and begin to reshape and decompose the physical relief. This relief is (also) the body. A body read as female, which in its materiality seeks to embody nothing other than the body, embarking on a process of excavation and detachment. The performer actively winds herself into this epic fall and, carefully pushing, brings their figure to the ground. A body archaeology that excavates and exposes sedimented fragments and facets and carries them into space, allowing them to take up space. The body becomes a sensor, a seismograph, a strategy, an emancipation, a language, a force and a joyous reshaping of one’s own form(s).

Tanzquartier Wien

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