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Tashweesh Exhibition: Jeanne et Moreau, Rana Feghali, Nour Shantout

13.10.2022 to 15.10.2022 - Tanzquartier Wien

Tashweesh Exhibition: Jeanne et Moreau, Rana Feghali, Nour Shantout


@ Rena Feghali @ Rena Feghali

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thu, 13.10.2022
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The second week of "Tashweesh" will kick off with the opening of an exhibition at TQW Studios. Festival curators Tania El Khoury and Bochra Triki have invited artistic duo Randa Mirza and Lara Tabet as well as Rana Feghali, while the Austrian Association of Women Artists has selected works by Nour Shantout on behalf of TQW.

Artists Randa Mirza and Lara Tabet, based in Beirut and Marseille, have worked together under the pseudonym Jeanne et Moreau since 2018. Their artistic practice is informed by digital technologies, photography and different forms of the transfer, sharing and reception of images in the context of intimacy, politics and queerness, as well as by reflections on geopolitical events, such as the Lebanese October Revolution or the explosion at the Port of Beirut in 2020. Their most recent work is concerned with different aspects of crisis and diverse structural fields, such as forms of governing, money, health and ecology.

Milan-based Rana Feghali works with painting, textiles and fashion design. Her works focus on urbanism, politics and migration questions from a feminist perspective. She will present a new textile object alongside her previous work, "Silence in the memory of drowned refugees".

Nour Shantout’s research project "Searching for the New Dress" looks at how embroidery is used in Shatila, a Palestinian camp in Lebanon, analysing how its use was influenced by the migration of Palestinian and Syrian women who had to find refuge there during the war. In order to design "new clothes", which accurately represent the socio-political, economic and demographic changes, Shantout learnt to work with new motifs and techniques based on traditional Syrian and Palestinian embroidery.

In cooperation with the Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ)

Sat 15.10., 16.30h : Tashweesh Talk
Choreographer Ulduz Ahmadzadeh, visual artist Rana Feghali and artist, activist and curator Asma Aiad talk about their experiences with art and activism and discuss the relationship, intersections and problems between the two fields. Moderation: Anna Leon (TQW Theory)

"Tashweesh" is funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport.

Opening: Thu 13.10, 17.30


Tanzquartier Wien

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