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Music performance: Gloomy River

29.09.2023 to 29.09.2023 - MQ Main Courtyard

Music performance: Gloomy River


Music performance: Gloomy River

Mo 29.09., 19h l MQ Summer Stage, Main Courtyard l free admission

Minimalist groove and complex soundscapes. Four performers, a drum set and a bablalaika. Percussive rhythms drift towards a dramatic cresendo. In between repetitive text fragments of a fictitious language. Movement becomes a musical gesture and
sound production into a dance. Everyone brings his story to enter an uncertain future.

Stefan Voglsinger studied music and rhythm in Vienna, was part of several dance projects and created dances like the mad urban shaman without bones, he is a professional musician and visual artist.

Jasmin Hoffer gained her deepest insights about life and the universe during dance and somatic practices. Her aerobic-inspired repetitive yet sensitive movements are reminiscent of Jane Fonder just coming out of a deep relaxation. 

Maartje Pasman is a technical, expressive, emotional and fascinating dancer who travels the world making theater for young adults.

Oleg Soulimenko specializes in applying the wisdom he has received in horizontal positions to his vertical dances and
musical practices while playing an electrically amplified 3-sided bablalaika.

Photo © Claude Hofer

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