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MQ Hofmusik Winter Edition: PÆNDA

20.12.2018 to 20.12.2018 - MQ Main Courtyard

MQ Hofmusik Winter Edition: PÆNDA



thu, 20.12.2018
19.00 h

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MQ Hofmusik Winter Edition: PÆNDA

PÆNDA is pop. PÆNDA is EDM with some rough edges. PÆNDA is a conscious tightrope walk, right between listening experience and the force to dance.
The Vienna based singer, songwriter and producer churns out tracks that are so colorful, diverse and different – just like her varying hair styles. Sometimes emotional, sometimes straight in your face, then again weird and rough, and smooth and melodic in other places. Her sound incorporates pop with elements from all kinds of electronic music: future bass, hip hop and trap are all woven together, following just one rule: to never lose sight of PÆNDA’s characteristic pop appeal.
Her live setup consists of a mix of DJ’ing, live vocals, synths and bass, performed by an all-girl live band.

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