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Metal metal everywhere! & Water Summer Special

05.10.2022 to 03.09.2023 - ZOOM Kindermuseum

Metal metal everywhere! & Water Summer Special


© ZOOM Kindermuseum/Büro Winkler © ZOOM Kindermuseum/Büro Winkler

Trains run on iron rails. Steel grids make house walls stronger. The kitchen drawers are filled with stainless steel cutlery. Braces are held together with wires. There are clothes fabrics with silver threads woven into them. And there’s a tiny metal ball sitting in the end of a ballpoint pen…

Metal is everywhere! But have you ever made something with it yourself? At the ZOOM Studio you can screw, bend, shape, engrave and get to know all different kinds of metals. Can metal be soft? Can metal bounce? Can metal do magic tricks?

Worshop for children ages 4 to 12

During the summer months, a crazy water pipe installation winds its way through the ZOOM courtyard.

Thanks to the kind support of Wiener Wasser, you can lay pipes, count drops and send the water in circles until it splashes on beautiful summer days. We congratulate on the 150th anniversary and say: Vienna Water go!

ZOOM Kindermuseum

opening hours

sat-sun:9:15 –16:15


Verein ZOOM Kindermuseum
MuseumsQuartier/Hof 2, Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-524 79 08


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