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Matthew T. Huber: Climate Change as Class War. Building Socialism on a Warming Climate

10.05.2024 to 10.05.2024 - Tanzquartier Wien

Matthew T. Huber: Climate Change as Class War. Building Socialism on a Warming Climate


© Matthew T. Huber © Matthew T. Huber

Fri 10.05., 17.30h, Theory, Rakete Festival, in English

Matthew T. Huber’s lecture will give an overview of the argument in his book "Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet"The basic argument asserts the climate crisis is at its core a class struggle over who owns and controls the means of energy production. The talk covers the three classes at the heart of this struggle: (1) The capitalist class responsible for emissions, (2) The professional class driving heretofore ineffective climate advocacy, (3) The working class with the potential power to win transformative action because of their power in numbers as the majority of society and strategic power in the very sectors we need to transform.

Matthew T. Huber will be present via Zoom. Moderation: Anna Leon (TQW Theory)

Before Huber’s lecture, an adO/Aptive Reading Group will take place in the TQW library.

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