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Marie - Eine Performance übers Geld

11.05.2024 to 15.05.2024 - Dschungel Wien

Marie - Eine Performance übers Geld


© Amélie Chapalain © Amélie Chapalain

Sat 11. to Wed 15.05., performance 

People don't talk about money.

My friend Jules says money is just coloured paper. Money is a medium of exchange. But who decides what is worth how much? Why doesn't everyone have the same amount of money? And why can't some people have enough of it? Was it Chief Seattle who said that you can't eat money? And what was the name of the rapper who said that poverty is not a joke?

What if everything was completely different and money really does stink? Or if the aim was to get rid of money as quickly as possible, like the cards in a game of Uno? Would the world be a better place then? "What is money good for if not to make the world a better place?" asks Elizabeth Taylor.

People don't talk about money and yet money has many names: Mice, moneys, coal, moss, marie, zaster ... I prefer to say Marie.

The schallundrauch agency philosophises, saves and spends, invests in the moment, dances growth and the circular economy, shakes off inflation, sings songs for the common good and dreams of social justice.

Dschungel Wien

opening hours

mo-fri:16:00 - 18:00


Museumsplatz 1, 
Hof 2, 1070 Vienna
Tel.: +43/1/522 07 20 -20


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