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Manuel Gorkiewicz: In Camera

29.05.2024 to 18.08.2024 - EIKON Schauraum, MQ Showrooms
Host: MQ Cultural Tenants

Manuel Gorkiewicz: In Camera


Manuel Gorkiewicz: In Camera
until 18.08.2024
EIKON Schauraum | MQ Showrooms | Free entry

Amidst Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, Manuel Gorkiewicz shows media that are used in both artistic and everyday contexts. Surrounded by museums with historical collections on the one hand, interventions by contemporary artists on the other, as well as a variety of leisure activities and gastronomic establishments, all competing for the attention of visitors, Gorkiewicz uses the EIKON Schauraum to initiate a discourse: He focuses on the everyday practices of photography and make-up and layers them into a palimpsest that unfolds parallels to abstract art in the context of the exhibition space.
In legal jargon, the Latin term “in camera” (literally “in the chamber”) refers to a procedure that takes place in private. At the same time, certain processes and filters in film and photo cameras are also called “in camera” if they are built directly into the device and not only applied during digital post-production. The exhibition takes up this duality of public and private spaces and explores the layering and overlapping of make-up and coloration, photographs and filters, digital and analog reality.

A main feature is dedicated to the artist in EIKON magazine #126.

EIKON Schauraum

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