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Hosting: Lauryn Youden - Saturday Hangout

18.05.2024 to 18.05.2024 - Tanzquartier Wien

Hosting: Lauryn Youden - Saturday Hangout


© Kari Rosengarten © Kari Rosengarten

Because, you say ‘I’ for me

Sat 18.05., 17h, Rakete Supporting Programme, In English

The Saturday Hangouts take place every other day of performances as part of the Rakete festival: a programme devised by various guests to pass the time, to listen and perhaps take notes in lectures, readings, workshops, listening sessions and artist talks.

"Because, you say ‘I’ for me" (2024) is a listening session and reading by artist Lauryn Youden of her sound piece "Those stones which also express themselves at dawn" (2021) accompanied by a reading of her text "Nocebo" (2018).

"Nocebo" (2018), both illness narrative and auto-theoretical essay, follows Youden’s relationship and recovery from depression and CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder). While telling of her use of lucid dreaming as a form of treatment, she also toys with the misogynistic framing of these illnesses and the development of her sexuality as demonic possession. The artist further presents a timeline of diagnoses related to the changing perception of the femme body and mind, how it has been pathologised, controlled and abused, coinciding with the decline and erasure of plant-based and traditional medicine during the growth of monotheistic religions and capitalism in Europe.

"Those stones which also express themselves at dawn" (2021) is a sound piece by Youden in collaboration with Florian TM Zeisig. Its composition comprises the electromagnetic waves emitting from the Emma Kunz Grotto. Kunz discovered the healing stone AION A on this site, and many visit today to experience its healing energy. The piece also includes a singing bowl and field recordings made in the grotto over a 12-hour visitation by Youden and Zeisig on 8 May 2021. This piece was originally exhibited with the installation "Peering through a Half-Open Door" (2021) in the exhibition "Cosmos Emma Kunz. A Visionary in Dialogue with Contemporary Art" at Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau (CH), 2021.

During the listening session, mugwort tea (artemisia vulgaris) will be offered to the audience. In the Middle Ages, mugwort was said to be a plant that protected from evil possession. Today, mugwort is more commonly known as the "dream" herb. It can enhance the remembrance of dreams, while it is primarily used to activate a lucid dreaming state or astral projection while in a meditative trance or when taken before falling asleep. Mugwort’s medicinal effects are particularly beneficial for the reproductive system. It is a powerful emmenagogue that eases menstrual difficulties, irregularity or a weak menstrual flow. Please note that the herb should not be ingested by anyone pregnant or breastfeeding due to this.

Lauryn Youden was jointly invited with Jette Büchsenschütz / TQW Research Affiliation.

Trigger warning: sexual content, sexual abuse and violence (in reference, not depiction), medical abuse.

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