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Escape Room adventures at MuseumsQuartier

17.05.2022 to 31.12.2024

Escape Room adventures at MuseumsQuartier

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Escape Room adventures at MuseumsQuartier

Time-Busters l MuseumsQuartier Wien, entry via Breite Gasse, 1070 Wien
opening hours:
Monday to Sunday & holidays: 11 - 22h
Reservations must be made by telephone on +43/1/3820003 or by e-mail to



The Officer

A Timeloop has been discovered in MuseumsQuartier Vienna. The loop’s year is 1900. Officer Ferdinand Steiner, who’s been a part of the loop since its discovery, suddenly disappeared. Where did he go? A secret hideout? Did he pass? Or did all these weird ramblings about time-travel suddenly start to make sense and helped him escape his loop? If he really did escape our own timeline is in danger!
This Escape Game can be played with 2-6 Players

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World Clock

The World Clock of the Order (its name may never be revealed) is the only known system that shows the true time. It runs independently from alternative timelines and independently from manipulations of time travelers. This unique feature makes it the perfect anchor for everybody traveling through time. It is a steady point of orientation for those who are lost in the sands of time. But its clockwork seems to have developed a mind of its own. It’s running mad. This could be the end of time traveling for everybody and everyone who is absent from his or her time will be lost forever.
Only if two teams of heroes one from the future, one from the past, work together the clockwork can be repaired and the lives of countless time travelers can be saved.
Are you brave enough to split up and trust in each other to solve this grand mystery?
You’ll be working in two teams, be fast and communicate well, the fate of time itself lies in your hands!
This Escape Game can be played with 4-10 Players

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Escape Poverty – Armut ist kein Kinderspiel*
An artistic intervention by Deborah Sengl in cooperation with Time-Busters and Volkshilfe Wien.

*mission in German

Mission buchen

Illustration: Escape Poverty © Deborah Sengl

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