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mumok Kino: In Person: Nazlı Dinçel - Bodies of Desires

04.12.2019 to 04.12.2019 - mumok - Reopening 17.06.! Wed-Sun 10-18h

mumok Kino: In Person: Nazlı Dinçel - Bodies of Desires



wed, 04.12.2019
19.00 h

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The mainly analogue oeuvre of Nazlı Dinçel is focused on work on the body, which she always presents as an object of desire. The characteristic features of her works include the use of texts, which Dinçel scratches into the material by hand, frame by frame, and the use of mirrors, as well as her very intimate first-person narratives. In her direct and blunt way, she explores the relationship between a lover and the beloved, early sexual experiences, or an abortion. At the same time, Dinçel makes her own socialization in a conservative Muslim family tangible. “Don’t imitate,” or “Try to make the most original shots” are two directions used in her most recent film Instructions on How to Make a Film, which offers an explanation for the specific haptic quality of her work with images. (ds)


Nazlı Dinçel,
Between Relating and Use, 2018, 9 min
Shape of a Surface, 2017, 9 min
Solitary Acts (4,5,6), 2015, 23 min
Untitled, 2016, 12 min
Instructions on How to Make a Film, 2018, 13 min

In the white space:
Nazlı Dinçel,
Reframe, 2009, 4 min (Loop)
Leafless, 2011, 8 min (Loop)

Presented by Dietmar Schwärzler, followed by a conversation with Nazlı Dinçel

Nazlı Dinçel, born in 1989 in Turkey, emigrated aged seventeen to the USA. She lives in Milwaukee, where she studied film and is presently establishing a film laboratory run by artists. Dinçel markets her handmade analogue films herself and likes to present them in alternative art spaces and small arthouse cinemas. Screenings (selection): MoMA New York, International Film Festival Rotterdam, New York Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, BAFICI International Festival of Independent Cinema, Buenos Aires. Awards (selection): Helen Hill Award, Eileen Maitland Award (both 2018).

Dietmar Schwärzler lives in Vienna and works for sixpackfilm.

In cooperation with the Friedl Kubelka School for Independent Film and sixpackfilm


mumok - Reopening 17.06.! Wed-Sun 10-18h

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