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Assemble. Wie wir bauen

21.06.2017 to 21.06.2017

Assemble. Wie wir bauen


Assemble. Wie wir bauen Assemble. Wie wir bauen

Assemble. Wie wir bauen

Location: Architekturzentrum Wien

How can Vienna learn from Assemble? Parallel to the exhibition, in a lecture the London collective Assemble offers insights into its projects and the way it works.

“We are interested in the question of how idealistic thinking can be applied to the blunt reality of building, in such a way that the building elements or the methods of production are the expression of a social, economic or political approach.

We want to create a built environment that can do more than just fulfil the particular function, and which, in addition, shows what we want from our surroundings – namely to allow collective action, to bring communities together or quite simply to open up a new view of the world.”

Lecture in the framework of the future.lab knowledge platform “Öffentlicher Raum”, in cooperation with the City of Vienna.

Followed by presentation and opening of the pavilion by students from the TU Vienna / future.lab and the Institut für Kunst und Gestaltung.

The lecture will be given in English!

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