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White Castle: Games Agency

White Castle: Games Agency

Q21 Backstage: White Castle is a creative licensing agency for analogue game ideas, specialised in family, party and kids’ games. Anita Landgraf talks in an interview about her work as a games agent.

White Castle is a creative licensing agency for analogue game ideas, specialised in family, party and kids’ games. They hold workshops to train game designers and inventors and make their games marketable. They subsequently promote and license these games, ideas and innovations to local and international publishers. They also realise custom-made games for companies - from the initial concept to the final layout and production.

Interview with Anita Landgraf

Who/What are you?

The 'queen' of White Castle.

What are your fields of activity?

We deal with analogue games - whether board, card or other party games.

How do you reach your goals?


What challenges do you face?

I have to keep a watchful eye for extraordinary and innovative game ideas and find the time to test all the prototypes I receive.

What is important to you?

New challenges and nice people to play the games with.

How big is your team?

We’re three people at the office. However, the extended team includes many freelance designers, authors, test players and illustrators with whom we collaborate on a regular basis.

Since when have you been at Q21?

Since 2009.

A perfect work day starts with…

... coffee.

Portrait photo of Anita Landgraf

Anita Landgraf, Photo: Karolin Pernegger


Photo: Nela Pichler

You can join us at SpielBar (Lederergasse 26, 1080 Vienna) every Monday at 6 pm, when we meet with regular game authors.

At MQ, we are available to authors for advice and discussions Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings. Please make an appointment.


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