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VIENNA ART WEEK: Interview with Artist-in-Residence Mark Angelo Harrison

VIENNA ART WEEK: Artist-in-Residence Mark Angelo Harrison

Visual artist Mark Angelo Harrison talks about his background in the British techno scene and his recent projects.

Since 1990, visual artist Mark Angelo Harrison has been heavily involved in the techno scene and is one of the founding members of the collective Spiral Tribe (SP23). A lot of his artwork became representative of this new scene.

Invited by curator Bogomir Doringer, Mark Angelo Harrison is Q21 Artist-in-Residence in November 2020 and will develop a new installation work for the exhibition "Space of Urgency" planned for spring 2021 at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space. In the video, he gives insights into his background and recent projects he has been involved in.

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VIENNA ART WEEK: Interview with Artist-in-Residence Luiz Felipe Lucas

Luiz Felipe Lucas is a Brazilian performance artist and actor also working under the pseudonym @cabezadenego. He was invited by curator Bogomir Doringer as Artist-in-Residence to develop a performance for the upcoming exhibition “Space of Urgency” at the frei_raum Q21 exhibition space planned for spring 2021.

VIENNA ART WEEK: Interview with Artist-in-Residence Lenka Vítková

Artist-in-Residence Lenka Vítková talks in an interview with Lucas Cuturi about her work as a visual artist and curator.

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