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EDUCULT - Institute of Cultural Policy and Cultural Management


EDUCULT - Institute of Cultural Policy and Cultural Management

In September we present Q21 instituition EDUCULT, who connects culture, education and politics in theory and practice.

EDUCULT is an independent, non-profit institute for practical research and consulting as well as cultural management. It connects culture, education and politics in theory and practice. Dialogue, participation, proximity to stakeholders as well as diversity-oriented and sustainable processes are at the centre of its work. The interdisciplinary skills of the staff and an international network of experts enable us to consider individual requirements in the creation of tailored concepts. The radius of action mainly covers Vienna, Austria and Europe, but also other regions of the world.

Interview with Aron Weigl

Who are you?

I‘ve been the manager of EDUCULT since January 2018.

What are EDUCULT’s fields of activity?

EDUCULT conducts applied research at the interface of culture, education and politics and realizes its own cultural communication projects. We focus on the goals, structures, processes and effects of the cultural and educational sector and cultural mediation.

How big is your team?

Our core team includes nine people.

How do you reach your goals?

With team spirit, flexibility, openness to new things and ideas, and empathy for the needs of all actors involved.

What challenges do you face?

Our biggest challenge is to provide fact-based support for the cultural and educational sector during a constant process of modernisation and reform, to initiate democratic processes and critical thinking, and to reduce the resistance to change.

What difference can arts and culture make?

Depending on the formats and objectives: aesthetic involvement, cultural education, a critical view, discourse, individual and societal evolution, and so on - or none of it at all.

Since when have you been at Q21?

Since 2006, on the third floor above the MQ offices and the baroque suites..

Before the end of the year, we will…

…complete a survey on cultural education, finalise the concept for a new theatre for children and young people, realise a virtual summer academy, collaborate with Austrian schools in the field of cultural education, develop an impact assessment model regarding cultural heritage with European partners, evaluate cultural programmes in Vienna, Germany, Egypt and Turkey, contribute to the cultural, educational and political discourse - and much more.


Events in September 2020

With its regular series ‘Salon der Kulturen‘, EDUCULT creates a space of interaction for artists, partners, experts and the interested public. On the one hand, a series of exhibitions allows artists of different backgrounds to share their works with an audience. They are either at the beginning of their artistic career or the experience of migration has made them new to Vienna.
In order to create spaces of communication, the concept includes discussion events as well. Participation, urbanity, interculturality and open discourse play an essential role.
We are planning a discussion event and an exhibition opening for October and December. Details will follow shortly.

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