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ASIFAKEIL: Association Internationale du Film d’Animation

Association Internationale du Film d’Animation

ASIFA Austria’s showroom, interfacing animation and fine arts.

ASIFA Austria’s showroom, interfacing animation and fine arts, presents selected examples of Austrian and international installations connected to animation in a diversified sequence of artist portrayals. ASIFA Austria is the autonomous national organisation of ASIFA, the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation.

Holger Lang and Stefan Stratil

Who/what are you?

Stefan Stratil, artist, curator of ASIFAKEIL, head of ASIFA Austria, executive board ASIFA

Holger Lang, artist, board member of ASIFA Austria, associate ASIFAKEIL

What are your fields of activity?

Animation and fine arts in the broadest possible sense, with ASIFA Austria serving as a platform for artistic animated films in Austria.

How do you reach your goals?

Persistence, attention, focusing on the essential things. Networking and collaboration, e.g. with international festivals, international guests…

What challenges do you face?

Low or no budgets, limited and unusual space. The latter often proves an amplifier for creativity.

Looking at animated movies, what is important to you?

Openness to new aspects. At the moment, animation - the original form of film - pervades all aspects of life, which leads to an endless number of interesting new things.

How big is your team?

Small. Curating, technical support by Pepi Öttl, supporting staff as needed.

Since when have you been at Q21?

Since September 2007.

The first exhibition

„Tricktransmission – Miniwelten“, opened on 14.9.2007

You can find a detailed review, background information, and lots of relevant contributions about animation as an artistic medium in the book ASIFAKEIL 101 – 100 Ausstellungen in 11 Jahren. Order it online at

The perfect animated film for a rainy summer day is…

Just to illustrate the wide range, two examples of films that are successful in their own ways:

Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo), 2013, Brazil, by Alê Abreu, feature film

Spacy, Takashi Ito, 1981, short film: Space emerges from single frames.

© Holger Lang

mutual loop: schleifensache II

Installation in the ASIFAKEIL, Q21 Showrooms

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Abstraction and the Block Universe.

Artist-in-Residence Nöel Palazzo interviewed by Stefan Stratil (ASIFA AUSTRIA)

VIENNA SHORTS. International Short Film Festival

Q21 Backstage: this year, VIENNA SHORTS - Vienna’s international Festival for Short Film, Animation and Music Video will take place from May 28 until June 2 as an online edition. Since 2004, the festival screens around 300 Films of up to 30 minutes in length in competitive and non-competitive programs, including programs for children and young people.

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