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Liquid Frontiers: The Content-Company

Liquid Frontiers: The Content-Company

Q21 Backstage: In April we present Liquid Frontiers - a think-and-do tank, design studio and production office. It is based in Vienna and has a markedly cultural background. Sabine Dreher and Christian Muhr have their office at MQ for ten years.

Who/What are you?

We both have a background in humanities and a diverse set of practical experience, acting as authors, editors, curators, art directors, consultants and project managers. We develop the contents of exhibitions, publications, campaigns, websites or movies and realise them collaborating with various partners. Currently we are developing an exhibition on an Austrian industrial company marking its 100th anniversary.

What are your fields of activity?

Our work relates to architecture, art, design, science and economy. We are no experts, but we constantly work our way into new fields of activity.

Since when have you been at Q21?

We have been at MQ for ten years exactly.

A perfect work day starts with…

…a perfect espresso.

What is important to you?

To meet our own quality standards, to learn something new with every project, to satisfy our clients and to attract an interested audience.

How big is your team?

It’s just the two of us, with each of us working on independent projects as well. For the realisation of our projects we can resort to a network of specialists from different fields.

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