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designforum Wien: Design - Exhibit - Network

designforum Wien: Design - Exhibit - Network

designforum Wien is an exhibition and event space with a focus on design. It sees itself as a competence, service, and liaison centre where some serious thought is given to design, its tasks, and its significance. It is a place that encourages the exchange of ideas among designers, the business world, and a design-minded public. designforum Wien also accommodates the headquarters of designaustria, the professional association of Austrian designers.

Interview with Katrin Weber (Organization) and Tamara König (Press & PR)

What are your fields of activity?

Katrin: designforum Wien is a networking platform which hosts numerous exhibitions, lectures and symposia on subjects like illustration or graphic and industrial design. Since designaustria, the Austrian association of designers, has its headquarters at designforum Wien, there is also a focus on practical professional aspects like entrepreneurship, usage rights or the calculation of prices and fees.

What are your biggest challenges?

Tamara: The complexity of social and technological developments, which have a significant impact on the design sector, is increasing. Designforum Wien aims to present, challenge and discuss new trends. This requires the constant analysis of design-relevant issues such as globalisation, digitisation or recycling economy.

How do you reach your goals?

Tamara: Networking is imperative – with other Q21 institutions, for instance. By the way, we collaborate closely with three more design forums in Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Styria. Designforum Wien has an outstanding international network as well and was awarded the title ‘Centre of Competence’ by the European Association for Design.

Katrin: Our wide range of activities for and with all kinds of stakeholders is always up to date and expanding continuously. Our competitions and exhibitions cover all design fields and promote the important role and quality of design at the business location Austria.

What is important to you?

Tamara: Our events aim to turn the spotlight on the creative scene and its outstanding actors. Designforum Wien’s manageable size and central location facilitate quick networking among creative minds. At the same time, the MuseumsQuartier is big enough for designers to be inspired, to make new experiences and to realise innovative projects.

Since when have you been at Q21?

Tamara: Since 2005.

A perfect work day starts with…

…a cup of coffee from Café Corbaci!

© Lupi Spuma

© Lupi Spuma

Joseph Binder Award 2018: "A Feast of Colour and Form"

Exhibition in the designforum Wien

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