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Verweilen [Stay]

09.12.2023 to 29.02.2024 - Literaturpassage
Host: MQ Cultural Tenants

Verweilen [Stay]


Opening: Fri 08.12., 16h

At the end of the annual theme TRANSIT, we stand still. Lingering as a reversal of the transit movement, as the dissolution of passing. Where does transit dissolve into? What conditions make transit possible? When is standing still a desired state - what makes it possible to stand still? Is lingering in a place always linked to an experience of reception? Does legibility determine the time devoted to an object?

Standstill. The code fits - please continue! Please stay a little longer. Read a little. Please stop for a while! Just stop passing. Read there. Assume you're stuck. Assume you're a simulation. Assume you are a passer-by. Reader. Recipient:in. You are the decoding. On the way away. Linger on.   

For the exhibition opening on 08.12, 16h, artist Moritz Martin and curator Sara Schmiedl invite you to linger together in the LITERATURpassage.

Concept: Moritz Martin & Sara Schmiedl
Realization: Moritz Martin


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