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Marwa Abd el Moneim: All from one cell Film

03.07.2023 to 03.09.2023 - MQ Showrooms
Host: Q21

Marwa Abd el Moneim: All from one cell Film


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This work is an attempt to search for the basic meanings and forms of life in a philosophical way ... an attempt to ask a question about the benefit of the presence of a certain being in a certain place, and the answer may be that its presence here is because another being depends on it, perhaps in the food chain, or for another reason and an object that depends on it. The other and so on in an infinite circle, and perhaps in a more philosophical way, we ask what is the benefit of all this in the first place? And what is its real purpose? All the responses are just philosophical speculations, but this time the audiovisual speculations take place in a hypothetical space of time and space without referring to them in a real and explicit manner. It may be an attempt to involve many people in the space of those questions and ask other personal questions. Like: What is the origin of life? What is the nature of life and differences in reality? What is the significance of a life that includes all beings? What is the value of life? Why do we live?

Marwa Abd el Moneim is an Egyptian visual artist and filmmaker, born in Cairo in 1986. Graduated with a BA in Art Education, Diploma in Drawing and Painting, Diploma in Cultural Development, Diploma in Anthropology. She studied animation and popular education at the Jesuit Culture Center of Cairo. She has many local and international participations in exhibitions and film festivals.

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