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Juliana Herrero: Fuga N22

10.11.2022 to 28.11.2022 - MQ Pop-Up Schauraum
Host: MQ Cultural Tenants

Juliana Herrero: Fuga N22


Opening: Thu 10.11., 19h, Performance from 19.30h
Finissage: Mon 28.11., 19h, Performance from 19.30h

FUGA N22 unfolds through fine sounds and lines into immersive worlds whose origin is in actual realities of our environment, in their fleeting moment of appearance and disappearance. Inspired by John Cage's ideas and his imaginary landscapes, this work further explores the visual, third and fourth dimensions (space and time) of experienced musicality. Jan Arnold Gallery's showroom in the Passage of Q21 (MuseumsQuartier) features brass and steel assemblages, sound and mixed media, and experimental blueprints. Once describing the roots of sound sources, then becoming a loop, they bring fragments of memory to life through sound. The stained glass window stretches the osmotic boundaries between nature and artificiality, the speed of urban rhythm and the quiet of places that evoke memories of other places with their soundscapes. There are open and closed lines, flat and three-dimensional, multiplicities and dichotomies, testing dialogues with multiplicity and articulating space in time like an open score. Text, sound sequences, and silence as a poetic approach to punctuation to bridge temporal distances are combined in intermittent frequencies. A counterpoint of sounds between natural species is clearly audible. These sound sequences, which form the basic tapestry, are captured recordings of the environment and distant landscapes from personal archives and found material of multimedia origin. Spatially distributed in two loops over several small speakers, the sound collage refers to the here and now, to the very moment when the one who perceives it makes it his own.

Duba Duba /// Liliana Arreola, Juliana Herrero: on the composition "Equilibrio" fragment from "Cantos de la Tierra" by Galia Mirscha (text and music).
Fragments on the piano by Barbara Probst, Sound Tepich Collage Archive Material (JH).

With the mood and didactics of the music, interventions arise through the sound tapestry in the space, using harmonics fragments of the guitar, and we play questions and answers that are not, but a poem. We tune and construct with our bodies the long A of the round opening and the deep O of the closing and we stretch the I, the U, we pull with our arms the curved E and so we travel through spaces of time that bring back the inner child in us.

Juliana Herrero

Juliana Herrero is dedicated to 1:1 spatial installations, sound installations, musical objects, architectures of atmospheres, transpositions as synesthesia in watercolor as experimental cyanotype and interventions in situ and live. Superordinately, her artistic work can be classified as conceptual art.

Education: 1986-1992 INSA (now IUPA) Dance and Music / Grail. Roca, R.N. (AR) /// 1994-2000 FADU, UBA Architecture / Buenos Aires (AR) //// 2002-2006 STÄDELSCHULE Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Ffm: Conceptual Design (Arch. Class) Prof. Ben van Berkel (Postgraduate 2004) and 2005-2006 Film Class Prof. Mark Leckey

Juliana Herrero was born in 1975 in Choele Choel, Río Negro. She studied in Argentina and Germany and later developed her work across latitudes. Currently the artist works between Buenos Aires and Vienna, where she also lives since 2006.

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