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Ingrid Gaier: throw your fear up in the air!

- ASIFAKEIL, Raum D / Q21

Ingrid Gaier: throw your fear up in the air!


Ingrid Gaier: Noch bist du da

Opening: Thu, Jan 11, 19:00 at Raum D / Q21
Exhibition venue: ASIFAKEIL
Admission free

The film "throw your fear up in the air!" makes visible a woman who grew up amid war and destruction and lived her entire life in fear. Her little apartment, in which she would let nothing be changed, gave her a sense of security. Rose Ausländer gives women like her a voice..

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition Ingrid Gaier will personally present a choice of her films at Raum D/Q21. The musician Gammon, who composed the music for the film, will deliver the musical interpretation in a live performance.

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