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Nora Schindler: Unverblümt

06.10.2016 to 16.10.2016 - MQ Pop-Up Schauraum
Host: MQ Cultural Tenants

Nora Schindler: Unverblümt


Nora Schindler: Unverblümt Nora Schindler: Unverblümt

<link https: events>Opening: Thu, Oct 06, 19:00
Venue: Jan Arnold Gallery
Admission free

Jan Arnold Gallery is presenting the works of Viennese artist Nora Schindler. Presented will be her paintings from the cycle “BLUNT”.

Nora Schindler reflects as transgender woman and definitely social being on central autobiographic, gender specific and consumer society related topics. Journeys between the worlds of general intellectual levelling, rampant hedonism, underused resources of personal reflexion and inner psychological examination are the quintessential character of her art.

"Personality and self-reflexion constitute an alternative world to a reality of polished sensations."
- Nora Schindler

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