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Manfred Wakolbinger: INHALE - EXHALE

19.04.2016 to 05.06.2016 - MQ ART BOX
Host: MQ Cultural Tenants

Manfred Wakolbinger: INHALE - EXHALE


Manfred Wakolbinger: EINATMEN - AUSATMEN Manfred Wakolbinger: EINATMEN - AUSATMEN

Opening: Tue, Apr 19, 19:00
Admission free

“in order to keep life floating.”

The MQ ART BOX is an interior room within an external space, a hollow form, a display window, which simultaneously excludes and includes space.
In Manfred Wakobinger’s installation, a photograph of rising air bubbles divides the room diagonally. The air bubbles rise, drifting upwards from the watery medium that is their origin, towards the atmosphere. Breath – too much of it, too randomly, makes the breathing person stagger; too little of it makes him lose consciousness. When pressure is reduced, something new is created; the form changes.

The sculptures of this installation show moments of floating and of pausing mid-air – fragile moments of equilibrium between what lies above and below.
The lines drawn by the sculptures are reminiscent of the bloodstream that keeps an organism alive: Goethe’s Lines of Beauty and Bellmer’s Lines of Crime. They are cryptograms of a double movement: of giving and receiving, of push and recoil. Figures entwined in a dance.

Manfred Wakolbinger
Born in 1952 in Mitterkirchen, lives and works in Vienna and Lower Austria. Manfred Wakolbinger was trained in metal working and tool making, and is sculptor and photographer since 1980. He produced several films such as Galaxies, Desertflight. Some of his sculptures stand in the public places of Salzburg, Linz, Wiener Neustadt, St Pölten and Vienna.

Curated by Elisabeth Melichar
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Image: © Manfred Wakolbinger


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