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Hans Kupelwieser: Turntables

03.02.2016 to 10.04.2016 - MQ ART BOX
Host: MQ Cultural Tenants

Hans Kupelwieser: Turntables


Hans Kupelwieser: Turntables Hans Kupelwieser: Turntables

Opening: Wed, Feb 03, 19:00
Location: MQ ART BOX
Admission free

“flat – sculptural – virtual
light – motion – time”
Hans Kupelwieser designed two rotating platforms as the basis for his installation at the MQ ART BOX exhibition. Through the motion, a multitude of constellations becomes visible to visitors. A range of objects such as photograms, sculptures, production remains and waste are mounted onto the platforms.

The appearance changes constantly through the rotation and is amped up to profusion with spotlights, shadows, camera and projections. Due to the motion, the configuration is distorted, finds a different form and is seemingly disembodied. The materiality of the objects is suspended, transformed into other states of matter, or and presented in this a plethora of aspects.

1948 born in Lunz am See/ Lowe Austria, lives in Vienna
1970-1973 Graphische Lehr-Versuchsanstalt, Vienna
1976-1982 University of Applied Arts, Vienna
1995 Professorship at the TU Graz, Institute for contemporary art

Selected Exhibitions
Haus der Kunst, Brno
“Light Works”, Atlas Gallery, London
„ÜBERFORMEN“, Kunsthalle Nexus, Saalfelden
„cinéma d’ameublement“, Galerie Marenzi, Leibnitz
“The Forest Unbowed and Radovan Ivŝić, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
„Flirting with Strangers“, 21erHaus, Vienna
“Vienna for Art’s Sake!”, Winterpalais, Belvedere, Vienna
Galerie Hollenbach, Stuttgart
“Fotografie:International., Daimler Art Collection, Stuttgart-Möhringen
„Anarchy.Utopia.Revolution.“ Ludwig Museum, Budapest
„Die andere Seite – Spiegel und Spiegelungen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst“, Belvedere, Vienna
Galerie 422, Margund Lössl, Gmunden
“ZKRRRSH!“, Galerie Heike Curtze, Salzburg
Galerie Hollenbach, Stuttgart
„Reflections“ Zeit Kunst Niederösterreich, Landesgalerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, St.Pölten
„car culture“, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz
„Werkschau XVI/1981-2011“, Fotogalerie, Vienna
“Magie des Objekts”, Leopold Museum, Vienna

Image: © Hans Kupelwieser

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