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Studio Visit

21.11.2015 to 21.11.2015

Studio Visit


Studio Visit Studio Visit

Meeting Point: MQ Courtyard 7 / Entrance Volkstheater
Admission free

The Artist-in-Residence program of Q21 enables international artists, curators und cultural producers to live and work in the MQ Wien. They are invited by the Q21's initiatives to realize common projects in Vienna.

As part of the Vienna Art Week, art and cultural mediator Wolfgang Brunner guides through the artist studios of the MuseumsQuartier. The current Artists-in-Residence will present their projects and give insights into their creative worlds.

Anton Burdakov (GBR):
I am planning to present a series of small works dealing with architecture as an expression of desire and agency. Constrained by requirements for precision, architectural models seldom capture the full spectrum of desires and mental archaeologies involved in place-making. In search for a wider range of expression a new method of casting rubber was developed, pairing contemporary 3D printing techniques with freehand modelling. Subverting rigour of architectural planning, the works emerge through a combination of design, chance and fast intuitive forming.

Patrick Hough (IRL):
‘Object Interviews’, a series of three films in which specialists from various fields interpret and discuss a range of film props. Part I features a keeper of Egyptian Artefacts from the British Museum deconstructing their historical significance while Part II features a cultural theorist uncovering the unconscious impact of a prop on the viewer through the framework of psychoanalysis. Part III considers the perspective of two prop makers, discussing the objects in relation craft, construction and the continuous overlap between the objects represented history and its own history as an object, used and reused in multiple productions. Within these films the prop takes center stage as an object in some ways more powerful and significant than the “original” historical artifact, carrying a richer layer of meaning that gives us insight into not only the history it was designed to signify, into popular culture, but also into ourselves and how we read the world of objects through a layer of preconceived ideas.

Emiliano Maggi (ITA):

I will give an introduction of  the children’s workshop and the clay sculptures that they produced, I will also talk about the levitation device and the work in progress with the lychra costume, what’s behind the fabric, the body languages in art and performance.
I’ll show some samples and photos from the session in the Ovalhalle.

Photo: © Eva Ellersdorfer-Meissnerová

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