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Barthes, 100

10.11.2015 to 14.02.2016
Host: MQ Cultural Tenants

Barthes, 100


Barthes, 100 Barthes, 100

Presentation EIKON #92 and Exhibition Opening: Tue, Nov 10, 19:00
Location: EIKON Schaufenster
Admission free

A cooperation between EIKON and the Klasse Kunst und Fotografie, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Concept by Ruth Horak, supervised by Michael Höpfner

Žarko Aleksić
Katarina Balgavy
Ulrike Bollenberger
Ana Paula Franco
Stefanie Guserl
Anna Hostek
Olesya Kleymenova
Ernst Miesgang
Doris Panholzer
Sophie Pölzl
Patrick Schabus
Nora Severios
Mathias Swoboda
Sophie Thun
Daniela Zeilinger

Image: Ernst Miesgang: TRIGGER PLEASURE, Soundinstallation, 2015

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