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03.09.2014 to 24.09.2014



Franz Wassermann: MACH DICH SICHTBAR. Franz Wassermann: MACH DICH SICHTBAR.

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Opening: Wed, Sep 03, 19:00
Yellowbox @ MQ
Interactions with the artist: Tue to Fri: 15–19:00, Sat: 11-15:00


The central theme in my work is the relationship between the individual and the collective. I am interested in how a majority deals with a minority or an individual and vice versa. This relationship is visualized logo-like as WE ME.

The Platform

With the piece WE ME / The Platform I address this relationship by installing the platforms in public space. By definition, a platform is used to single out a person or an object by situating him / her / it higher than other persons or objects. I use an aluminum cube as a module to build different kinds of platforms e.g. a speaker´s desk, a winner´s podium, a pillory or a catwalk.

By intervening in public space and the human collective, these platforms offer differing social uses. They single out an individual from the mass and therefore create a bipolar separation of the majority and the individual. The WE & ME! This ME & WE not only creates tension but also changes the way in which men and mass are interacting. It is a relationship which is characterized by power! But as Canetti points out, the power can be found on both sides.

Make yourself visible.
For my exhibition at MuseumsQuartier, I am extending WE ME / The Platform by the interaction Make yourself visible.. Visitors of MQ are invited to build their personal platform at Yellow Box and to allow me to take a photo of them with my Polaroid camera. Two photos will be produced: One of them will be signed by me and may be bought by the visitor, the second photo will be exhibited on the glass wall of Yellow Box. WE ME gets a face.

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