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Station Rose: "Digital Quarter Century - Patterns & Pleats"

25.11.2013 to 26.11.2013
Host: Q21

Station Rose: "Digital Quarter Century - Patterns & Pleats"


Station Rose: "Digital Quarter Century - Patterns & Pleats" Station Rose: "Digital Quarter Century - Patterns & Pleats"

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STATION ROSE: "Digital Quarter Century - Patterns & Pleats"

Tue, Nov 26, 17-22:00
Opening: Mon, Nov 25, 18-22:00
Venue: Ovalhalle
Free admission

2013 is a very special year. STATION ROSE has reached the Digital Quarter Century (DQC) mark. Counting the decades is obsolete; now, the century unit is what counts. *DQC* is a current project designed to conserve cultural heritage as viewed from the perspective of artists, the pioneers of digital culture; first-hand reportage; launched in 1988 with diskettes.

:// Facts: A quarter-century ago, Elisa Rose (visual artist) & Gary Danner (musician, composer) founded Station Rose as Vienna’s first address of the open digital leading edge. 1988: opening; 1989: eight months in Cairo; 1991: exile & online; 1992: Gunafa clubbing, A/V performances worldwide; beginning in 1994: digital bohème, homepage & social Web; 1999: webcasting; 2002-06: TV show on ARD; 2008: LogInCabin, books, vinyls, CD-ROMs, DVDs, CDs; since 2011: back in Vienna.

Inside the Ovalhalle STR will create *DQC_Patterns & Pleats* as a playable installation, an A/V sculpture, a digital archive, a playpen for grownups, and a way to maintain an overview of the information. Elisa Rose & Gary Danner perform live in audiovisual sessions mixed with <Nature is Cool>, station operation. *DQC* data are looped into new A/V material composed especially for the event. The translation of processual art into a material form has been a prime area of emphasis for years, activities STR refers to as New Media Arte Povera. This aesthetic, originally developed in Frankfurt as a response to banking sector insanity and economic crisis, retains its validity to this day. An installation and performances make it visible, audible, bring reduced sensuality, glitch art, recycling & bass into play. Sound & projection encounter wood, cloth, urban gardening and data—Contemporary Art 2013.

STR will involve other artists, contributions by colleagues will include Liam Gillick, Howard Rheingold, Geert Lovinck, Dr. Motte and others.

Picture: oriental light 1988 © Station Rose
<link http:>

Translated from German by Mel Greenwald

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